Mark B.
Of all the apartments we've lived in, this is the quietest; we hear no noise from beneath or above or beside us. The staff is responsive and delightful to work with.

Richard H.
We have resided at Two Lincoln for the last two years and absolutely recommend this apartment community to any and all. The door men are pleasant and courteous and responsive to the needs of the residents. The location is perfect for our needs and our time here exceeded expectations.

Maria A.
Always have the most pleasant exchanges with the staff at Two Lincoln, they are alway so helpful and accommodating. I especially love my morning dynamic duo, Freddy and Tony, They always start my day off with a smile.

Donald S.
The location is superb, the quiet apartments contain all that one needs for comfort, the roof garden is magnificent, but the best thing about the building is its kind, helpful staff. In addition to Federico, I want to thank the doormen Freddie , Randy, Robert, Alex, and Carlos for terrific service. And our handymen--Federico, Eddie, Ace, Robin, Jorge, Javier (I hope I haven't left anyone out)--are all first rate. And thank goodness for Michael, the valet. And not to forget marvelous Michele and her kind and helpful staff on the 2nd floor! I've only met the new super a few times, but he seems friendly and everyone speaks highly of him.

Vincent T.
We enjoy having a residence at Two Lincoln Square. The service staff is high quality--capable, willing to assist and most importantly, very friendly.

Serge M.
Very friendly and helpful community. The people who work and live here are courteous and outgoing and are helpful when help is needed.

Certified Resident
I love living at Two Lincoln Square. The front desk and maintenance personnel are terrific.

Constance H.
I have been a long time resident of Two Lincoln Square. I love the incredible location, the city views and the panoramic view of the city from the roof deck which is pretty difficult to find anywhere else. There are interesting and friendly residents with many interests, but above all, I love the staff who makes it feel like a family.

Eizabeth T.
Wonderful building! The doormen are friendly and very efficient. Very professional.

Certified Resident
A wonderful location, friendly and professional staff!

Siti S.
Great and friendly staff very responsive -

Certified Resident
Fantastic location and great people working in the building.

Denise S.
Beautiful building, friendly and professional staff, amazing views!

Certified Resident
We have a very friendly and helpful staff. When we need something done they take care of it right away. They are always watching out for us and being very helpful.

Geraldine S.
I have lived in the building for 8 years. I have always felt very safe and cared for. Our doormen are the best in Manhattan. All the other staff work very hard to keep everything in good repair. Everyone is kind and thoughtful. I feel very much at home right here in the middle of the world!!

Certified Resident
I find the staff to be courteous and responsive To my needs.

Wiliam M.
It really is a great place to live... The building is maintained immaculately, the overall operation is excellent, the people who live and work here are considerate and friendly... and the front desk team has an uncanny memory for knowing everybody!