Overall Satisfaction

Chris V.
I have been remarkably impressed by the noticeable improvement in response times for maintenance requests over the last 5 months or so. In addition, the property improvements have really been impressive. The Reserve at Barry is no longer an average community but can proudly hold its head high with the overall improvements made in all areas!

Michael C.
Overall improvements to the complex have been a pleasant surprise!

Denise K.
Management and Maintenance is very professional and responsive. On top of advising when there are changes to the property and procedures that will have a affect on our daily routines. I appreciate the way they maintain the property.

Certified Resident
Maintenance request are timely addressed. Staff is very helpful

Kyle W.
This is a great place to live. Very close to shopping and food, staff is always friendly, maintenance is done in a timely manner and the grounds are always taken care of.

Jeffrey V.
Good apartment and good service.

Betty G.
The office workers were so very grateful to help us get back into the apartment they worked really hard to get us back in we appreciate them very much.

Alicia L.
The management office and it's staff are very perfectional. This place is maintain up to date and very clean. The rent is very reasonable. This place is near all stores and highway.

Certified Resident
Everything is usually good. If something goes wrong, we call them, and they try to come and solve it immediately.

Certified Resident
Concerns are handled timely

Certified Resident
I have lived here since 2008 there have been some periods of dissatisfaction. However under the current management I have been completely satisfied.

Emma K.
The Reserve at Barry is a quiet, convenient, clean place to live! The apartments have great amenities and a good layout. The staff and maintenance are friendly and prompt with their assistance. There are great community amenities and it is a central location to grocery stores, shops, restaurants, and highway access.

James M.
Maintenance and front desk are awesome!! Very good service all the way around.

Donald S.
Overall the Reserve at Barry is a very nice, clean, well landscaped complex with many amenities. Located near many options for health care,entertainment, groceries AND a new What A Burger under construction 2 blocks north up Ambassador Dr, Patrick Mahomes favorite Burger.

Abdullahi O.
A place Where you can call home great community excellent service

Marco M.
Como siempre, hay tres cosas cosas que nunca seran superadas por otras residencias, una es la ubicación de Reserve at Barry, las areas verdes y la atencion por parte de la administracion a los residentes, sumando a esto la distribucion de los edificios en si, como tambien el interior de los departamentos. Las instalaciones recreativas y deportivas disponibles y areas verdes tambien son un factor importante en el lugar que vivo y en ese aspecto estan siempre innovando. Definitivamente un lugar para vivir con tranquolidad, a un paso de todo y absolutamente recomendable.

Certified Resident
There are quite a few reasons I chose the reserve. My mom, boyfriend, and I happen to be driving by while hunting for apartments and we stopped by. I was immediately pleased with the staffs hospitality in the leasing office, and knew right away I wanted to apply. My favorite things about my apartment is the spacious layout, dining room (most newer apartments don't have one), dishwasher, washer and dryer, large/walk in closets, location, and that my cat can live there. I'd say based off of the price point you get a lot for your money. Rent can be pricey in general, but the positives of this complex I'd say make it worth it!

Certified Resident
For the price this place is good, two pools and a weight room, with greste maintenance response time.

Marsha T.
I would definitely recommend this complex . Over all staff maintenance have been awesome. I have lived here 4 years

Alicia L.
The development seems to care for the Tenants and they make sure they fix anything that needs to be fix right away. I've been here for two years and I am very satisficed with this development. The management office is always there if you need anything and will help you and treat you with respect.

Diane L.
Close to restaurants, grocery stores and retail stores. Quiet community. Love the food trucks and the events they have. Reasonable rent. Very happy to be here.

Certified Resident
One of the better apartment communities that are affordable

Certified Resident
The office staff is incredible, Ashlyn was so helpful with my application, and prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable responses are all I’ve received to any question or request I have had.

Alicia L.
I moved here in 2020 and I have no complains about this communities. I am very please with the way handle any problem and fixed anything within a few minutes. The development cares about the tenants. I will be here a long time.

Katherine B.
Great community with spacious apartments, mature community, gorgeous kitchen and bathrooms, plenty of storage space

Donald S.
Clean, quiet,friendly,affordable.

Charles D.
Very nice place with great location.

Certified Resident
Request are handled in a timely manner

Denise K.
I find it a great place to live. The grounds are well maintained and there is a constant effort working to improve the property.

Donald S.
Continual upgrades to entire complex as well as individual apts. Makes a really nice place to call home.

Alicia L.
The place is maintain clean and up to date with new windows and Patio doors. New air-conditioned and new toilets. They also made a grill pit in the area where you could grill if you want.

Steven A.
The Reserve at Barry is a great community with a great staff. Maintenance is fast, efficient, and reliable. The rest of the staff is alway ready to respond to questions and needs. The amenities are great, and there's a real sense of community here. This is a nice place to live.

Aaron J.
Beautiful community. Especially the office workers so helpful and understanding.

Maria R.
My experience @ The Reserve at Barry Apartments is the best possible! They just install beautiful brand new windows that improved the air flow. The office girls are always eager to serve and maintenance is prompt and knowledgeable! I am very happy leaving here. Also very convenient location. I have access to everything, from health care, groceries, to crafts, and a variety of restaurants. Highly recommend The Reserve at Barry!

Certified Resident
I am pleased with living at the Berry. The office personnel friendly and professional. The maintenance response is excellent. I would highly recommend a person to move here I am not disappointed.

Certified Resident
It's a great complex as far as complexes go. It's still a corporation so it's by no means perfect. You have to request way to many repairs but they are fast to respond and efficient. Overall it's a great place

Certified Resident
The Reserve at Barry is a great place to live rent is very modest and many new upgrades just a month ago , new windows and balcony doors and just got new toilets or 2 per unit , fantastic...you'll like your stay here..

Alicia L.
I have lived here for two years and I am very happy this management office care for the tenants. The place is being upgraded with new mailbox, barbeque grill, new window, Porch, new air conditioning.

Certified Resident
Professionalism and customer service are AAA+

Eliseo T.
I do not know how much space I have, so I will be brief. This place is absolutely amazing for the price. It is surrounded by restaurants, convenience stores, a hospital across the street, gyms, mail room, amazing apartment finishes. Perhaps most importantly, for the modern world, we just got GOOGLE FIBER!!! As a teleworker, gamer and video streamer, The Reserve gets an A+++

Certified Resident
Coming up on a month of living here. I love the place. I have a partially renovated which comes with its own problems but this is really great space and I feel comfortable to relax in peace.

Alicia L.
The management office and the people who work here are very perfectional and seem to care about the residents.

Donald S.
The Reserve at Barry has been home to me for over 14 years. Current improvements include new windows, patio doors, toilets, installation of Goole Fiber, new mail boxes, sidewalk repairs and more.

Alicia L.
The management team are very good and always do their job to accommodate the residents needs. The Reserve are updating lots thing in the complex and also are putting Google Fiber starting next week.

Certified Resident
The Reserve at Barry is a very safe, convenient and well maintained complex. The staff is always helpful and the maintenance crew is always on top of things. The apartments are spacious and well priced for how nicely updated they are. They are constantly making sure that they are actively improving the grounds and individual apartments. They are very intentional on making sure the quality of life of the residents is their top priority.

Diane L.
Very happy here.

Martin D.
The staff and management are very responsive and helpful, and overall, the location and amenities are good for the rates. Great place!

Richard B.
The Reserve at Barry is a beautifully landscaped and upgrades galore are totally in progress and new windows have been installed through the community , my stay here withe a great management team , they do a fantastic job here and will make your transition to the Reserve at Barry very smooth and hassle free, , iam a 13 year resident and I like everything within the community and I have so much here to investigate , so if you are interested in living in a low rent community try the Reserve at Barry., also we are close to everywhere you would like to go ,schools , shopping , interstate roads and Zona Rosa which is a very nice area for lots of shopping and dining .So I would suggest living here also landscaping here is very nice for your lik8ng , also Austin , a very good person for the maintenance and upkeep of the units , he's fast and very experienced in all the unit issues if any he will normally arrive within an hour he is very speedy to arrive at your door, Everybody here is very polite and friendly I have to meet most of the community management , they are very nice and will help you with any needs you have, ahh also 2 pools I haven't been there yet a little embarrassed because I have a big belly and shy about my appearance, but maybe one day I will go to get some sun ,they have all kinds of food and ice cream trucks on the community to serve you with nice food if you like.I recommend The Reserve at Barry for your new residence.

Timothy H.
Overall, have had no issues with complex. If I had to choose a residence again,I would without hesitation pick the reserve at Barry all over again !

Willa S.
I have found the staff to be very congenial and accommodating.

Certified Resident
My experience has been good and it is convenient to everything I need.

Certified Resident
I chose my apartment because of it's location. I don't drive so I needed to be on a busline. I love the layout of my apartment. Added plus though is that management and my neighbors are great.

Alicia L.
The apartment are kept up and the grounds as well, They upgrading the apartment with new toilet, new windows, and new patio doors new grills for barbequing.

Marco M.

Certified Resident
All requests are met in a timely manner. The office staff is very cordial and helpful.

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