Overall Satisfaction

Certified Resident
I have lived at Lakecrest for 6 years and hope to continue living here as long as I am able. Lakecrest is in a beautiful area. Plenty of trees and our own lake with ducks, turtles and fish. It is also set in a very convenient location. It is close to the interstate (but not too close, so no traffic noises), close to the mall and many other retail establishments. And don't forget restaurants! Whatever you're craving, you won't be disappointed! Also, since I have lived here, they are always updating to make this a more beautiful place to live, as well as more energy efficient. In closing, the staff and maintenance crew keep everything running smoothly. They are reasonable, professional and very friendly to work with. Come visit, if you're in the market for a new place to call home. R. Crook (do not use my FIRST name, please)

Certified Resident
I do not have time, this time, to comment. But I have submitted a lengthy compliment in the past, extolling all the benefits of living here. This IS my home, so I care about everything that goes on here. There's a lot to love about Lakecrest!

Certified Resident
Excellent and prompt customer service

Certified Resident
I like living here. It is very close to my work and a great place to live for my first apartment,

Lisa A.
I moved into Lakecrest during the beginning of the covid pandemic though it was a contactless tour of the residence, it was very professional and courteous and very well to my liking, I am now going on my 3rd year here at Lakecrest it has been nothing but greatness from the staff and neighbors.

Certified Resident
I love the community, amenities and staff!

Joseph A.
Property looks great. Good location. Friendly helpful staff. Lots of parking and waste bins throughout the community.

Certified Resident
Excellent place

Mark B.
I have no complaints since I’ve been here. Everything has been smooth.

Matthew M.
Best PRG staff in South Carolina

Ice J.
I've been living here at Lakecrest for about 10yrs that along should tell you my experience with this company. There are new faces with the company I'm sure I would get the same services as I have always in the previous years.

Certified Resident
Moved in May 2022, Office staff is very helpful, professional and friendly! Maintenance addresses any concerns in a timely manner. We love living here!!

Cleto D.
Despite rumors My 3 years here have been smooth! Amazing office staff. Anytime something gives a problem Maintenance handles it rapidly with professionalism.

Certified Resident
MaryBeth has been the best through this whole experience. The neighborhood is lively though you can never hear any noise from your apartment which is fantastic. There have been a few maintenance reports I had had to send in but maintenance comes within 24 hours if not 1 hour depending on the urgency of the situation. Overall, great experience so far and very welcoming.

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