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Certified Resident
I have been residence for approximately 7 years. I've had the opportunity to meet some great neighbors in which we've shared attending many festivities on and off the Walton property to include our yearly gatherings with all Walton communities within the different counties, our travel to different events etc.

Certified Resident
I love my community, it is where we don’t grow older, but younger…it is an active senior community, where we can plan events and get people together and do something spontaneous.

Bertha C.
La calidad de este lugar es perfecto para vivir seguro y feliz donde el personal está muy bien preparado para darte su apoyo y comprensión con una hermosa sonrisa

Shirley L.
The community is quiet and safe. The upkeep is excellent.

Certified Resident
A wonderful place to live!!

Certified Resident
Once again, the staff is “the best “ and our activities director Shana is great at keeping us active and going places. We are a family!

Certified Resident
I have lived here since my apartment was first available. Staff are always friendly and helpful! Any maintenance requests are handled quickly and efficiently! I enjoy the lovely sunsets from my balcony. The location is great for shopping, restaurants, etc. Also, Drs. are close by!

Certified Resident
I have been a resident of Legacy at Walton Mill since it was build. The property is as new and clean as the opening day. The staff and residents are like family. The amenties are outstanding with monthly birthday luncheons, trips, bowling, bingo etc. Every weekday morning, coffee is available and residents meet before getting our day started. As a senior citizen, I feel secure and happy living at Walton Mill.

Francisco A.
I live happily in this complex ??

Carolyn P.
This is home.It is community.We all take care of each other residents and staff.

Linda R.
The community is safe, stores , restaurants , movie theater, grocery stores, everything is convenient. Linda R.

Certified Resident
Ms. Meimi is always there when I need her and she helps me with things I don’t know how to handle so for sure I’m sure she’ll help everybody, that’s what she does

Willie D.
There are always some things to do games are some other Exercise

Mary S.
have lived in this community since it opened, I love the people that work here, Meimi, Matt, Shana and Sylvia are just wonderful. They are incredibly helpful and always pleasant to work with. This makes living here so much better! I could not ask for a better place to live!!!!!

Penny P.
After my daughter, Jouay, first brought me to view The Mill, she said," you want to live there, don't you?" And I said, "I am going to live there". I loved the gazebo(still do) and the apartment was in a good location. The staff was friendly, the building was clean and to top it off, there were 'no smoking' signs throughout the entire property. All in all, an asthmatic's (dust, fragrance, smoke, etc) home for life. The amenities that are offered are so many that you can always find something to interest you.

Robert R.
been here 5 years, wonderful place to live, quite and friendly.

Denise P.
Greatest place I've ever lived!

Katherine B.
I love it here

Linda R.
I love living here,l wouldn't want to live anywhere else. The staff is great. And it's a gated community.

Mary B.
Walton Mills is an excellent place to call Home.

Teresa J.
Love it here! Great place to live renewing my lease!

Certified Resident
Legace at Walton mill is a great place to live

Certified Resident
I've been here since Mills opened I love the cleanliness and the affordable rent.

Certified Resident
Great Staff! Great Neighbors! Everyone is so friendly and helpful!

Denise P.
This is the greatest place to live!

Teresa E.
It is a wonderful place to live. The maintenance of the grounds is very good. And the staff always friendly and very helpful. Many activities are planned for residents, but mostly during the day or times I work. They keep you involved.

Francisco A.
excelente limpieza, servicios e interes por los habitantes

Certified Resident
Housekeeping is awesome, maintenance is great, personal stuff is very talented and pleasant..

Teresa J.
I love living here at The Legacy at Walton Mill. The luxury apartment is very nice and comfortable and has lots of amenities The grounds are beautifully landscaped and the management staff is friendly, courteous and respectful. Maintenance is always done timely. The community environment is great! I’m so happy I chose this as my home . The Legacy at Walton Mill is a great place to live!!

Maria P.
The Legacy at Walton Mill is a Safe Securely, Gated Community of Peaceful, Giving, Caring, and Christian Residents, as well as the Staff, with Grocery, Clothing Stores, Doctors, Dentists, and Restaurants on each side, as well as a small hotel There is what I call the"Garden of Paradise" where we, the residents can pick Herbs and Vegetables planted by Professionals every season on each side of the Beautiful Water Fountain in front of the Gazebo, where there is a picnic table and patio furniture, and (2) Barrel grills where residents can Barbecue with family /friends.

Barbara M.
I just feel it's a great place to live and close to restaurants, stores etc, if you, don't drive or have transportation. Also Love the Staff!!!

Cynthia M.
The Legacy at Walton Mill provides a wonderful home atmosphere for senior living. You can keep to yourself or enjoy all kinds of community involvement. It's up to you.

Mary S.
I have lived at the Legacy at Walton Mill since it opened, the place is very safe and extremely quiet. The people that work here are just wonderful. I have nothing but great respect and trust for this staff. Wish this beautiful place had a pool for the hot summer days, other than that I absolutely love living here.

Certified Resident
I have lived here since the beginning of Walton Mill! First time ever for apartment living! I must say it has been a great experience! It's wonderful to not have to worry about replacing light bulbs or other maintenance issues! I never want to move!

Certified Resident
Since staying at Legacy at Walton Mill for the last 7 years, it's been a great experience (since this is the first time I have ever stayed in an independent facility always owned my home). I think the entire staff is doing an excellent job making sure everyone's pleased, safe and enjoying their stay here.

Certified Resident
A great place to live and a good sense of belonging to the community.

Certified Resident
Excellent facility, great staff, family friendly and convenient location.

Mary B.
The Legacy at Walton Mills is a beautiful place to call home. I have lived here for 7 years without any regrets. The property is lovely and the amenities are great. The Staff is very friendly. The location is great for shopping.

Bertha C.
es muy gratificante cuando tu pasa de 55 ano pasar tu vida en un lugar tan acogedor donde el personar de oficina y mantenimiento son tan amable que tu siente como una continuación de tu familia mi apartamento cuando lo termine se que estará hermoso y cuando mi familia y nieto me visiten les encantara

Willie D.
Well I have been here 7 years and have love every minute of it. I have no plans of going any where soon. I love my home have the perfect view.

Certified Resident
Excellent upkeep of the property. Couldn’t ask for a better place to live!

Certified Resident
My experience is excellent. Love the staff. Enjoy the friendships within the community and how neighbors are always willing to help others…shopping, rides and their friendship.

Certified Resident
Walton is a beautiful setting and well maintained. While being in the midst of a busy retail and restaurant section, it feels isolated and quiet. The staff is caring to the residents and friends are easy to make.

Maria P.
A True Blessing... Professional and Courteous Staff. Friendly Christian Residents. Lots of activities and outings, as well as a beautiful vegetable and herb garden that you can pick from. A Trues Garden of Eden...

Certified Resident
The Legacy at Walton Mill is a great place to live. So happy I decided to make this my new home.

Certified Resident
I love living here with good friends and going places with them and Shana. The people are friendly and greet you with a smile. Management and staff are very helpful also.

Certified Resident
Clean, quiet, attractive, convenient.

Certified Resident
Great place to live

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