Overall Satisfaction

Daniel S.
Great job! Top notch service

Sara B.
So far (a month in) my experience with Penstock Quarter Apartments had been fantastic! I initially chose this complex based on its location, it is more convenient to my work and other places/areas I frequent. I am now within a 15 minute drive to work, and within a 5 minute drive to other local spots. In reading reviews, I came across some previous residents that had trouble with neighbor noise and the cleanliness of the community, glad to say that management has really been on top of cleaning all common areas, hallways, and the courtyard. I don't have any problems with my neighbors' noise above me or to each side of me. The hallways do echo quite a bit, so I can hear dogs barking along my hallway as well as the conversations of those who walk by, but overall everyone is very quite and considerate. My apartment faces the pool and courtyard, which can be noisy during the day, especially on the weekends, but that is to be expected. Overall, I am highly satisfied.

Antonietta L.
Safe, comfortable, newer environment with many amenities Highly recommended

Alicia A.
Amazingly quiet! I'm an extremely light sleeper and I have no trouble at all falling asleep here. This is one of the best places I've ever lived!!

Fitzgerald C.
Penstock has so far proven to my best moving experience. My apartment, though about 150 sqft smaller than I would like for the price, its well stocked with new appliance and fixtures. The open floor plan is also excellent; combined with a great view of the courtyard and a blooming location here in Richmond, It's a phenomenal choice if it fits your budget.

Susan G.
Ive really enjoyed living here and find that the energy and the structure lends itself well to an optimal work/life balance. Living alone without feeling alone!

Elizabeth C.
As for me the best part of living here is, it is almost as if you are living in the middle of the park setting. I enjoy strolling thru tree lined well paved walkway while listening to my favorite station

Certified Resident
From initial consultation until now, living here has been great, from office personnel to other residents.

Certified Resident
Great place to live in an up and coming area. Very modern and clean.

Kathleen F.
Penstock is a great place to live. Convenient to 64/95. Restaurants, nails, bank, gyms, library all in this walking area. Pretty walking around the lake area too. Feel very safe here, and everyone is friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!!

Certified Resident
Penstock has been a great place to live, everyone who works here is friendly and attentive. Ive never had any issues that maintenance wasnt able to fix promptly. I love the location and the surrounding neighborhood gets better all the time!

Elizabeth C.
From the very beginning My biggest draw to this complex was the owners reputation. I lived here more than 1 1/2 yrs. during this period, if there was any issue to be taken care of, it was taken care of it promptly with courtesy. I feel very lucky to be here especially this uncertain time. It is very well managed and reliable. What more can you ask? I am happy to be here. Hope I get to live here for a long time.

Anthony W.
I love living here at Penstock Quarter! After moving around for years, Im happy to finally make this a home!

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