Overall Satisfaction

Jessica R.
The Courtyards of Chanticleer is a pretty awesome place to live. The office staff and maintenance staff are both amazing to work with and very helpful.

Mary F.
Chanticleer Apartments has been my home for almost two years now. I love living here and the apartment is spacious and cozy. Quiet neighborhood, great views, and great staff that responds to any issues or concerns in a diligent manner. I absolutely love living here.

Harry S.
My roommate went to the office to make a service request to fix our a/c. The maintenance worker overheard him and came over right away. He diagnosed the problem and got the parts he needed. Our a/c was fixed in under an hour. Great service! Very nice guys and very professional. I've never lived in a place that had such timely maintenance service. Thank you!

Certified Resident
I have lived her for about 5 years now and it still has been my favorite apartment complex if lived at.

Certified Resident
The apartment complex is nice and quiet for the most part. The only complaint I have is the parking. It seems the parking gets smaller and smaller each day. People are beginning to park in our numbered spaces, but other than that, it's a wonderful place to live. I have no complaints. It's beautiful, quiet, and nearby to places I need to go if needed.

Certified Resident
I Have lived here for the last five years and still one of the best complexes I've lived at.

Benjamin B.
Their maintenance team is respectful and warm and always makes us feel safe! I have a 3 year old and I know he is safe when they work her. Their work is clean and quick. Thank you!

Certified Resident
It is nice for dog walking and all the neighbors have been nice.

Makena J.
Management is great!

Danny B.
Love the community. Amazing staff !

Certified Resident
I quite like my little sanctuary I have created here at Chanticleer. I love that I am able to decorate as I choose, and the community is generally quiet, safe, and well kept. The location truly can't be beat. You get used to the jets pretty quickly - I honestly barely notice them now unless the Blue Angels fly over. The internet is usually well-connected and speedy and the front office is courteous and helpful.

Ashley K.
It’s been great living here. My daughter & I love it !

Jessica R.
The Courtyards of Chanticleer are amazing, well kept apartments with an office staff that cares about you and goes above and beyond. Within my first few days, I had trouble loading a laundry card, and when I asked Jocelyn for help, she immediately got up, went to the machine, and helped me figure it out.

Heather D.
The Courtyards of Chanticleer is a great place to live. The staff is always helpful and super friendly. The community is quiet and there are plenty of kids for my son to play with. I've been here 3 years and don't plan to go anywhere until I buy my own home.

Hayden R.
Melissa at the office is amazing! The Maintenance staff will look at and fix any request within 24hrs! I absolutely love living at The Courtyards of Chanticleer. You cannot beat the location!

Nikki R.
Chanticleer feels tucked away in Virginia Beach with it's own private grounds, set back from the busy highways and streets. It's a laid back, pet friendly community, with a wonderful, and super helpful staff that pays great attention to detail.

Tammy K.
A great quiet community, have been living here for 7 years. Enjoy that the staff always acknowledges you riding by, you always get a wave.

Certified Resident
Excellent service and amicable crew

Certified Resident
The staff was amazing and completely accommodating. They are really good people in general

Hayden R.
Amazing location! Great rates, nice staff!

Certified Resident
Property well maintained. Staff is excellent. Polite neighbors.

Allison J.
I absolutely have loved living here the past 3 and a half years! Ive always felt right at home and the staff feel like family :)

Certified Resident
Nice place. No crimes.

Certified Resident
This is a good place to live. Clean and quiet with a very attentive staff/maintenance. Also, the complex (unit) is bug-free which is huge! You don't have to listen (no upstairs/next door noise) to the neighbors because you won't hear them which again is huge for those who hate loud music (coming from someones' unit) and noisy neighbors. You won't get that environment here. Again a huge plus!

Certified Resident
Ill start off with this is a perfect first apartment. Throughout my stay here Ive loved it. Its the perfect little apartment for my gf and our cat. Its just that though, it starts to feel a bit smaller the longer Im here. The kitchen is mainly for one person to cook comfortably. Appliances are in great shape though. The airflow from the AC in the living room to the bedroom is poor. I did have to buy a fan for the bedroom because it wouldnt cool down to the temperature the thermostat said in the living room. I wish the second floor could have a balcony, as the first floor had a patio. Just small things that I realized I wanted throughout my stay. The management and maintenance are great. Theyre always quick about responding to and resolving issues.

Certified Resident
A clean, quiet community well cared for. by attentive maintenance and great office staff. This community has good reviews,

Margaret M.
Great place overall If you like to be outdoors the proximity to the marsh is lovely, you can put a kayak in the water by the pool and paddle all the way up linkhorn bay. The pool is on a beautiful spot on the marsh

Benita H.
You guys are wonderful especially ANDRE!!!

Certified Resident
Nice place to live and quiet.

Allison J.
Theyre always professional and take care of anything I need as soon as possible :)

Certified Resident
Work is done in a timely manner for the most part. Community is Friendly

James M.
Its been lovely its a quiet neighborhood and the the community is relaxed its nothing like living in the city Im use too the gym is so relaxing and the pools too Joyce who was are agent was very friendly and cool to speak too and was able to help us move in sooner then our initial date

Certified Resident
Chanticleer is a lovely place to live, whether your plans are short or longer termed. The staff is friendly and courteous.

Jessica M.
The community and staff at The Courtyards of Chanticleer are so friendly and welcoming. This location is quiet and peaceful, and I absolutely adore how dog-friendly the neighborhood is. The response times for service requests are quick and any questions or concerns you have for the staff is met with kindness, professionalism and promptness. I couldnt ask for a better living environment.

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