Selam D.
Great service

Johnson M.
Beyond the excellent layout and condition of my apartment, after becoming a resident, I had my choice further validated by the effective, thoughtful, and kind actions of other residents and staff.

Kenneth R.
Community Staff are friendly and responsive to resident's needs ad wants. The staff work tirelessly to assist with creating a nice environment here at Southern Tower to call home. The community of residents is blended and offers a unique opportunity to meet and know neighbors with various styles of living. That has proven to be rewarding as well as challenging to embrace those differences.

Ahmad R.
This community has a wonderful location, can easily access to high way and surrounded by many shopping centers. The cleanliness and professional/friendly staff are always to serve you. Great job keep it up.

Johnson M.
My unadorned yet accurate list of items that have satisfied me: an apartment with floor plan and windows that lends itself to comfort, practical use, and attractive presentation. Reliable kitchen and air equipment further augments satisfaction. Considerate, responsible, and friendly staff and neighbors make it wholly unbeatable.

Certified Resident
Sherwood Bldg is a convenient bldg, expecially for someone who does not drive (my wife). There are so many bus routes. Cleanliness has improved.

Certified Resident

Certified Resident

Certified Resident
Great location, polite staff, exceptional landscaping!!

Sidney B.
I love living at sherewood! The location is amazing, so accessible with the bus and metro.My expectation were surpassed when I saw the studio I am renting for the first time , considering the price with all of the utilities included. This community provides the most affordable studio and appartment that I have seen in the dmv area especially considering how close it is to DC. I would highly recommend!!

Johnson M.
Without exception, I have found the staff and residents helpful, friendly, responsible, and considerate. Everything works, and, when problems arise, the staff readily solves them.

Certified Resident
Everyone has been pleasant and helpful.

Certified Resident
Sherwood is convenient place to leave

Certified Resident
All the staff at the Sherwood are very friendly, they keep the building clean inside and out. The maintenance are awesome, they get it done fast. Thank you!!

Certified Resident
nice clean Apts, next area easy access to I 395, 711 on the property

Derrick G.
I have been living here for about 14 years and it has been a joy and a pleasure. The place is kept clean and is always quiet and peaceful. Management is extremely personable and maintains Sherwood in excellent working condition. Plus the public transportation here is awesome, you really don't need a car due to the plethora of buses that frequent this community. It a joy to be residing at Sherwood.

Certified Resident
It was a pleasant environment and a very property.

Certified Resident
So far so good!

Certified Resident
Nice place to live

Barbara R.
I have lived here at the Sherwood for 27 years. I am happy with the maintenance response and recently Ms Sanchez has been an enhancement in providing good customer support service.

Maria L.
I find the Sherwood a very convenient, nice residence with excellent management. It's located within walking distance to grocery stores, pharmacy and fitness center. Public transportation is great. There's plenty of parking place. I like landscape design and swimming pools in summer. There are things to improve but overall I am very satisfied and happy to recommend this apartment building.

Certified Resident
Great place to live. Schools, stores and transportation right outside the front door.

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