Overall Satisfaction

Zoe M.
The staff are reliable and attentive to all requests, which is very important to me. They address issues immediately and professionally making it a wonderful place to live.

Kayla R.
I have been at Clarion for almost two years now. Not a day goes by that I don't love the place. The couple small issues we've had have been handled quickly and efficiently. My daughters love the pool and the outside area to ride bikes/scooters. We are close to parks, their schools, and an easy commute to my job. The staff/maintenance as well as my neighbors are the ones who make this worthwhile. We love it here!

Certified Resident
Clariin Crossing is a very well managed community. Any issues are handled quickly. Everyone that we have encountered here are fabulous. The community is quiet, friendly, and extremely well managed. It is great to have a seasoned property manager in charge. Kati is awesome and her team does a great job.

Certified Resident
Great experience.

Gabriel R.
You have a Great team of Office and Maintenance personal here, They complement each other well.

Certified Resident
I can't express enough how hard the management and maintenance team at Clarion Crossing work with their residents to make them feel at home in the community. I have lived at the complex for almost 10 years now and I wouldn't consider going anywhere else due to the professionalism at the office, the quality of maintenance response, and amazing amenities offered. They also really get to know their residents and know who you are when you come in - you're not just a renter, you are a member of the Clarion Crossing community. I've recommended this complex to my coworkers and friends and one of my colleagues has moved in as well. Great location, great staff, beautiful place to live. Thank you for your hard work.

Paulette B.
Clarion Crossing is a great place live. It's very convenient to Avent Ferry Shopping center, the bus lines as well as north Carolina State University. The community is quiet and laid back. Great for college students and those who love a quiet environment because there's hardly ever any loud noise at all. The swimming pool area is fabulous with its barbecue grills and all. I love the fact that the location is only a block or so from Lake Johnson trail. It's such a blessing that dogs are welcome to live at Clarion Crossing because nowadays, most Realtors don't allow pets. Btw there's a dog park too which is a major plus.

Certified Resident
I love Clarion Crossing! They really love what they do and are responsive to issues and are very helpful and friendly. They go above and beyond to make us happy. A+!!

Heidi A.
Ms.Katie is so understanding and has a great sense of humor.Whitney is kind gives you a big smile when you walk in the office. As far as maintenance Sergio is cream of the crop on not only remembering your name but your pet(s) name to. Cedric is growing very well with the company and always makes time to wave. A little slice of heaven. I honestly love that you are so close to everything yet you can't hear the traffic. You may only print my first and then last until! AND ONLY THAT please. M.H.M.A.

David H.
Great location and good management. The Price is the best in the area

Matthew N.
Clarion Crossing is a very nice place to live: Pleasant, convenient location, reasonable rates, good maintenance, and nice staff.

Larry M.
Moving in to Clarion Crossing was a simple process. The staff are all helpful and areas are conveniently located nearby. I’d highly recommend it!

Matthew N.
Clarion Crossing is a very nice place to live: pleasant, convenient location, friendly staff, excellent maintenance, and reasonable price.

Justin K.
Clarion Crossing for us so far has been a blessing from above. Not exactly the perfect place, but they have everything you need to be comfortable, at a reasonable price, and you can see that they are working to fine tune this area so that it will be that perfect place! The location is great. We are 15 minutes from everything important! Staff is great, maintenance is fantastic. Area is lit at night. Lots of parking spaces available, and besides the awesome pool that we haven’t tried yet, there is a 24/7 gym here! Cons are, sometimes I spot roaches, but what I’ve heard from my neighbors is the maintenance squad jumps on every issue when reported. Also if you are in the townhomes, we are by a few frat houses for Nc state, so you might hear some funky noises and music every once in a while. A lot of young professionals, but also there are a few people that I prefer not to get around. Overall, I think it’s a great place to stay. If you are looking for perfect in Raleigh, you will be paying close to $2k a month for rent so good luck! I’m over here at Clarion Crossing!

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