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Kaska M.
Have you ever been to one of those "senior living" communities where everyone is BEYOND nice, and the furnishings are beautiful, even the smalles touches like the bushes, trim and wood are all just top notch; and not the fake kind of top notch that never sees human activity, but the well kept kind? The kind that makes you just wish you could qualify for AARP, where they have cool activities and you just want to live there because you just know Mr. Rogers lives there?? Yeah, that's what Walton Ashwood is like. Oh and the staff are legit my favorite people on the planet. Seriously. Sometimes there are some inconsiderate neighbors who need to be reminded about trash duties and noise control, but it's not heaven, it's an apartment complex.

Certified Resident
A great community and a great team of staff! I am sure it will meet your expectation as I did.

Certified Resident
The community is friendly and has a welcoming feeling to anyone how visits or starts living there. The staff is also great and always willing to help you.

Maegan U.
I love living at Walton Ashwood. The apartments are clean, updated, and spacious. The amenities and management team are wonderful. I would recommend my friends and family to live here in a heartbeat. It is in a great location - walking distance to Marta and lots of shops and restaurants. It is unique from other apartment complexes since it is smaller. It has a more communial feel and sense of family.

Kevin B.
I finally found the right environment where I feel at peace.

Certified Resident
Friendly place.

Frank D.
All the Walton properties I've visited during my home search were equally well maintained. That speaks volumes about the backbone of Walton: professionally managed.

Certified Resident
I love living here! Its a small community where you know most of your neighbors. Not a high traffic area which is uncommon around these parts. Community events are a great way to meet the neighbors and get some great socialization.

Certified Resident
resident for over 8 yrs now. excellent. the staff is always available to help out. eg. holding mail, apt issues, etc. love the saturday breakfast and the activities so you can meet your neighbors.

Certified Resident
Community is close by grocery stores, shopping mall and MARTA station. Clean apartments and community. Management and maintenance staff is courteous, very quick to resolve issues. Regular updates about community events and issues. Great idea to have community events and Saturday breakfast to know your neighbors. Would recommend people to try Walton Ashwood.

Certified Resident
Still loving living here at Walton Ashwood. It is consistently well managed. A beautiful place to live with wonderful amenities to make it feel like home. Very clean as well.

Laurie C.
Living at Walton Ashwood has been great! We thought our stay would be short-term, but we love how quiet, relaxing, and convenient it is. We enjoy walking to restaurants and stores instead of driving. The management and maintenance staff are top-notch. We are in no hurry to move and look forward to spending time at the pool soon!

Certified Resident
I have lived at the Walton Ashwood for over 6 months now and my roommates and I love it! Very friendly staff, clean ammenities, very equipped gym, beautiful pool and grills, and good space in the apartment. Would recommend to everyone!

Jeffrey P.
I've lived here for several years and it's been a great experience. The staff is very responsive and the Perimeter area is hard to beat.

Certified Resident
I remember when I first moved in 1 1/2 years ago someone greeted me with "welcome to our community". And it really does feel like one where everyone seems to care. Having the socials and all help those newcomers find out about our area. This is a good thing. Just being able to email for maintenance requests is a big thing for me having been a home owner for 50 years, the past 7 as a widow in a big home and yard. Being able to walk to so many things around here is a real bonus for me. I don't have to drive the car as much. Walton Ashwood is a great location.

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