Overall Satisfaction

Audrey C.
My move in process to South Falls Towers was smooth, professional and easy from the help of management. So far, I am enjoying being a resident of this complex and enjoy the community and amenities included!

Certified Resident
Best balcony views in all of Richmond!! The amenities and service staff are excellent.

Certified Resident
I’ve loved my apartment so far, the residents and the staff members are all super friendly! The office staff has been super attentive and accommodating throughout the whole process.

Katharine A.
The staff, location, and building are great. It feels like a place I could stay long term and has become home.

Gregory S.
Great community to live. Awesome view of the James river, great location, wonderful apartments and great community

Genhi W.
The property management and maintenance staff at South Falls Tower are excellent, location is superb, and the apartments are wonderful. We love living here!

Noah S.
Something I have come to know from years of living in apartments it is that management makes or breaks the experience. It was crystal clear from touring the first unit that management truly cares and is proud of the building. It is also clear that this building is built to last, and concrete walls mean little to no sound from neighbors. Have highly recommended to all of my friends, and will continue to recommend during my time here.

Certified Resident
This place is great! As someone who moved from a completely different part of the country, it is very easy to make friends in this building!

Ian S.
Absolutely love it here

Certified Resident
South Falls Tower provides a community of resources making every day living easy. From the unit to amenities it is a clean and safe building in a great location. Management is attentive to any needs and joy to interact with.

Krystal J.
South Falls Tower provides everything you would want and more in an apartment. The amenities are top notch and you get more than many other properties in Richmond.

Ian L.
South Falls Tower filled what I needed at the time and more. I was looking for a modern 1-bedroom in Manchester for sub $1500 in rent. I got that. I also got a wonderful pool, lounge, co-working space with WiFi and big gym with new equipment plus excellent help from Savannah and the community managers. Thanks all!

Lance M.
I’ve always lived in apartments and living in South Falls Tower made me realize how important a great management staff and building quality are to me. The fact that I never had to worry about the my living situation (reaching out to staff, addressing issues) the whole time I have been living here says a lot.

Deborah M.
South Falls Management Team does an excellent job with maintaining the property in an efficient, professional manner!!! Great Work in all areas!!!

Jada E.
I love South Falls. They are so attentive and accommodating. They are very nice and they keep the building looking really well kept

Francy N.
Lovely place to live in! Management is very attentive and try to make your living as comfortable as possible. They also take suggestions into consideration.

Savannah S.
South Falls and their entire team has always been so helpful and kind. I can always count on them to fix any issue I have.

Certified Resident
Its up and coming, brand new building. Fantastic rent rates with brand new appliances, beats the older apartments with 10 year old appliances!!

Maya E.
South Falls Tower has a lot to offer at a relatively low price for the amenities and the location. The private, garage parking is a big plus. The building is also relatively quiet, which is great for working from home. I would like more guest parking and events to feel more like a community.

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