Overall Satisfaction

There isn't a better set in Silicon Valley. It is an easy commute to work or to friends, a quick walk to Downtown or the Los Gatos Creek Trail, and convenient to the stores I frequent. Plus it is pet-friendly and your neighbors are friendly too! So glad I found it.

My wife and I moved from Texas and have been thoroughly enjoying our move here to Vivere. The complex is beautiful. The staff is great not to mention the town and weather are incredible.

Certified Resident
Vivere is not just any apartment complex. The residents who live here and the employees who work here are the nicest people you would ever want to meet. Any problems are solved right away. The staff is not only helpful and professional but are real friends. The grounds are impeccable and gorgeous. I found out when I had some trouble, that not only did many neighbors come to my apartment to help me out on a work night.....some staying until after mid nite, but even the manager came to my apartment after she had gone home for the day in order to help me out. I had just had a major surgery and a problem came up that I could not handle. I was just amazing by knocking on one door and asking for help how many people came over and stayed for hours helping me out. I am still recovering and everyday now I get calls and visits from my neighbors. The dog areas are very nice too and cleaned incredibly well. I'm not sure how they do it, but, the dog areas are really clean and sanitized often. This really is a wonderful place to live.

Vivere is the best place I have lived at where the amenities and living space is neat, clean, and amazing. I love being so close to downtown Los Gatos and enjoy the community here at Vivere as well.

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