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Certified Resident
Walton Ridenour has been an amazing place to live for the past 10 years. They have provided me with a safe, caring, affordable, and quality place to live.

Mary G.
Walton Ridenour is the best place to call home in the State of Georgia! It doesn't get any better. You will love living here as we do! Great Management and Maintenance Teams. We love Walton!

Tiffany D.
Love it. No issues

Certified Resident
A good place to raise kids, peaceful environments and a thing of beauty.

Ricky C.
We have been received by Walton Ridenour with open arms and made to feel at home, which is so different from any other property we visited in the Atlanta area!

Tyra E.
Walton Ridenour is a great and convenient community. The complex is always clean, safe and provides a sense of community. I love all of the amenities throughout the complex.

Deborah F.
Walton Ridenour is mostly a serene atmosphere and Maintenance staff help keep my Apt nearly stress free.

Certified Resident
Overall this Kennesaw location is very good to live.

Certified Resident
A safe, lovely place to live. Staff is so helpful.

Christine E.
Extremely nice community with extremely nice office staff.

Jacqueline L.
Wonderful place to live nice staff,clean environment, and safe and apartments renovations great look .I love living in Ridenour for 10 yrs best place I lived in Atlanta Georgia since I moved out here in 2001.

Certified Resident
It’s just a great place to live. Close to shopping.

Certified Resident
So far so good and I am so grateful and blessed to call this home for me and my babies. We are so happy and peaceful here, thank you Walton Ridenour and of course the staff.

Certified Resident
Walton Ridenour is a quiet community, a good place to raise kids and a convenient location to shopping centers and the interstate.

Mary G.
Walton Ridenour si a great place to call home!

Jada T.
I've lived here for 13 years, I love my apartment, nice and spacious, the lawn people are out there every day, it's beautiful outside as well, if there is a problem, the act immediately, the gym is nice, as well as the library in the leasing office, love the adventure center, my son is older now so he doesn't go anymore, but it's really nice.

Ayanna A.
Overall a great place to live! I have been in GA 19yrs and Walton Ridenour is by far the best place I’ve ever lived! I don’t plan on moving until I am ready to purchase my home!

Tina F.
This community is a family loving community. Location is great and staff is always there to help!

Christine E.
The leasing office staff was so helpful and it was obvious they enjoy their job and aren’t there just to make money. Mrs. Tonya was extremely helpful during the application phase and when she called to let me know I was approved I almost cried. She was like an angel sent down to me. Tyler was so very helpful when I came in to sign my paperwork and did excellent explaining the lease agreement to me and assisting with getting things done so I can get my keys! I truly appreciate them both for being so helpful to me. I also appreciate how nice everyone in the office is when you go to the leasing office.

Certified Resident
Great Community! Been here 7+ years.

Deborah F.
Great management, timely and efficient maintenance, thoughtful staff

Mary G.
Walton Ridenour is a great place to call home, come check it out, you will love the experience!

Eugene B.
The Waltons is a beautiful place to live for retired people and people with kids

Certified Resident
Overall don’t have any complaints. It is a joy to live here. It is very peaceful for the most part.

Mary-Ann F.
This community is a safe, friendly oasis in a world that isn't so safe and friendly.

Certified Resident
The property is clean and quiet.

Annaisa M.
I came in with one question! I was given my answer and so much more information. I appreciate the team for being there for me like family.

Certified Resident
Walton Ridenour provides good programs and amenities for the children to stay busy and out of trouble. Overall, it's a safe environment for families.

Certified Resident
The management is professional and ready to help in different situations.

Certified Resident
I’ve been fortunate to be a resident at the Walton Ridenour Apartments for nearly 16 years. The experience has been very good. The location, community, amenities, and the condition of the apartment has been my main reason to continue renting at Walton Ridenour Apartments.

Certified Resident
maintenance and manager are excellent

Latoya M.
Walton Ridenour is a pleasant place to live. It is quiet and well kept. The new renovations have made it an even more wonderful place to live. I have enjoyed living here thus far.

Elizabeth W.
Wonderful place to live. Beautiful new upgrades. Child friendly and safe property. Management is helpful and maintenance is extremely responsive. Would highly recommend this community.

Certified Resident
Walton Ridenour Apartment Homes is by far the best apartment complex to live in.

Hugh H.
I couldn’t ask for a better place to live. It’s just a great community.

Matthew T.
This place offers so much more than you see at first glance. The staff is very friendly and quick to respond. There is not a more affordable apartment complex not including the added benefits that come with living here.

Mary G.
We love living at Walton Ridenour! The Property Manager, Renovation Manager and all Staff are very professional and just all around great individuals and do a great job of maintaining the property. I highly recommend Walton Ridenour as a beautiful community to live in,. I rate Walton and Staff a 10.

Savannah R.
Everyone here is awesome. I've never had any issues here that have not been taking care of. The experience here is positive, peaceful and quiet.

Donna S.
Everyone was Delightful and very accommodating.

Donna S.
Leasing personnel were very professional and delightful. Beautiful building, many amenities that are offered are great for every person and all residents.

Willard H.
Walton have blessed me since I've been here in so many ways. You never know what people going through in their life and at that point I could breathe when I found Walton's.rest in my mind,and I always when I meet people let them know where I live and how wonderful Walton has been a Blessing to live.

Mary G.
Walton Ridenour is a Class Act, period!

Takarra B.
The community is great place to raise children with its many amenities and programs.

Certified Resident
Walton Ridenour is a wonderful community for adults and families. They always have fun activities scheduled and the community comes out to enjoy it! I have lived here for going on 4 years and I have truly enjoyed my home.

Andrea M.
Ive been a Walton Ridenour tenant for over five years. Our Manager Robin is Amazing!!!! The entire staff is dedicated and caring. Work orders are Always addressed in a timely manner! Property is clean and crime free! Residents are feel welcomed and appreciated through monthly family events and the various on site programs! Hands done BEST Place in Kennesaw to live!!!!

Dewanda R.
Excellent, loving, caring, loving. Blessed to be a blessing!

Certified Resident
The location and the look of the community is phenomenal. It seems to be a safe and peaceful community. The Walton Community provides access to great eateries and affordable shopping at some of the well known shopping stores.

Chantel R.
This community is amazing , I love everything about Walton Communites, I finally found the perfect home for my family.

Marian W.
I've always enjoyed this community, it's a great place to live

Certified Resident
Woody is the kindest, Most efficient maintenance tech ever. I dont know how much his salary is but I pray that he gets a raise immediately and suddenly by the end of this year in Jesus name! He deserves it. He always goes well above and beyond to help us in the community.

Certified Resident
The company itself is a blessing from God! The mangement team is second to none. You could not ask for a better community.

Mary-Ann F.
It's like living with family members. I feel safe and always welcome.

Sarah W.
Walton Ridenour staff- at the desk, maintenance, and management are extremely helpful and go out of their way to be kind! I have lived here 9 years. Also, the outstanding care of the grounds qnd landscaping is a source of pride. I would be happy to reccomend to friends. Sarah W.

Sabrina J.
I have lived at Waltons for 7 years. My son was in 2nd grade when we first moved in. Now he is a Freshman in high school. As a single mom this was the best decision I could have made. From the Adventure Center to the community events, we have so much gratitude to live in such an awesome, clean , and safe community.

Zuleide D.
It's so great to be living at Walton Ridenour, things are much more simple, it gives me peace of mind! The maintenance requests are taken very seriously and responded the same day, things are fixed and working properly again fast! They have a great way of communications by email/text keeping us updated with all information we need to know in the community, they have an excellent team of workers, that I, sincerely, have never seen in other communities, they are so kind, respectful, courteous and very professional, always making sure things are good for us. I'm really happy to live here, it feels like family! Thank you for being awesome, Walton Ridenour staff. Zoey D.

Joann H.
With today's rental environment Walton Ridenour is good for and to their residents. The management team gives the impression they really care for the community.

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