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Kristen K.
Have lived here for 3 years and absolutely love it. Its beautiful quiet and everyone that works here is so nice and responsive.

Joy K.
We all want to live in a secured environment. Surrounded by beautiful gardens with an array of seasonal flowers. Neighbors who really care when they say hello. A place where the young converse with the elderly as they share common ground. Pristine conditions and safety for their residence are the hallmark of Walton Centennial Apartment

Jacob A.
Serene and clean community.

Certified Resident
The community is quiet, apartments are reasonably maintained and habitable. For me the most important factor is the quiet and tranquility of the environment. I hope it stays that way

Angela M.
A community that cares. It wasn't hard for us to decide that we wanted to live here and be a part of this community. It had everything and more that we were looking for as we moved from another state. We feel beyond welcomed.

Talma C.
Excellent apartment complex. Crystal helped me so much setting up my move. She made everything easy.

Kenya A.
I have never seen an apartment community who will move mountains to make you comfortable and give you a true value for your money. I came from living in a house for 16 years so going back to apartment life was not easy. While I do plan to buy another home very soon I dont feel rushed because how this management team has been awesome and the amenities are above and beyond what you would expect! The activities, the feeling that that care about your well being no matter if you are here for 6 months or 6 years!! This is the model of what apartment living should be based on!

Certified Resident
Walton Centennial is the best community I've ever lived in, and I've lived in several apartments across Georgia for the better part of 10 years. The staff is amazing, the amenities are impressive, the perks of being a resident are sensational and the aesthetic if the community is truly beautiful. Seriously, people always go "WOW! This place is so beautiful!" When they come to visit. I feel safe here with my family and small child and my neighbors here are better than anywhere else I've lived. This place feels like home and I highly recommend it to anyone interested.

Ronald A.
The Walton Centennial is a community where management and staff are responsive to residents' needs, courteous, and competent. The atmosphere is more like a cozy neighborhood rather than an apartment complex.

Kristen K.
This place is awesome. Best apartment complex I have ever lived in. So accommodating great complex.

Elizabeth M.
If youre looking for a home and a community, this is the place to be! The amazing staff has made us feel welcome since day one and didnt stop when we moved in! When my husband and I moved in it was the one snow day of the year. We had 5 extra people coming to help us move and none of them made it because of the weather. It was just me and my husband until 3 neighbors (one of whom works here) swooped in and saved the day! Neighborly love from day one! You dont hear traffic, you hear kids running outside and playing. Everyone picks up after their dogs and always greats each other with a smile and a wave. My husband and I were on a waiting list for a while for our place here and it was the best decision we ever. If I had to wait again, I would. I love this place so much. My apartment life in the past only consisted of places to live; Walton Centennial is our home.

Henry H.
THE staff here is people who cares and concern.

Deborah N.
A lovely and quiet gated community that makes me feel safe. Has wonderful Floorplans, especially for those that work from home.

Certified Resident
Everyone in the office are so nice and accommodating and maintenance people like Scott and Lennard are so good

Kathy L.
Walton Centennial is a great place to live. Thoughtful, helpful management and staff make living here worry free.

Seth M.
We moved in very recently and the process was quick and painless. The office staff are very friendly and professional, and even offered assistance past their normal duties. The community itself is wonderful. It feels like a community out of a storybook, and we were given a friendly welcome by multiple residents. The apartments themselves are very clean and feel like home. They have tall ceilings and there is a ceiling fan in our living room (not common in most apartments we toured). Also, the units seem to be well insulated. We are on the ground floor, and only hear our neighbors if they are drop something in their kitchen. Absolutely in love with Walton Centennial

Melinda C.
Comfortable clean safe. Luv the staff. They always respond and care

Deborah N.
A lovely community with excellent floor plans and nice tenants along with excellent leasing specialists in the office. I am very happy here and would recommend to anyone looking for a home in this area.

Lynne S.
The Walton Community staff members are the BEST I have ever experienced!!! EACH member of the team truly cares about the comfort and well-being of residents. MANY opportunities are provided to socialize with other residents during frequent free events for all ages. This is a very clean, safe, and friendly community to live in. Highly recommended!

Linda P.
After I sold my home in Martins Landing, I KNEW where I wanted to move, the apartments are exceptional.

Kenya A.
Feels like you are in a subdivision not an apartment complex! You feel safe and like a community. Family and pet friendly with a wonderful office staff to assist you with your needs as well as make the living experience that is over and beyond what one would expect of an apartment community.

Certified Resident
Walton Centennial has resort style living and a community that makes you feel special and appreciated. Love the monthly community events! No other place like it. Highly recommended!

Certified Resident
It is a great community to live at.

Thomas S.
The Walton staff went out of their way to make our move-in as seamless as possible. My wife and I love Walton!

Certified Resident
Walton Centennial is a beautiful friendly community with great floor plans! Maintenance is also very quick. I even received a text to advise I had a package delivered. Nice

Linda P.
I am a NEW resident and Walton Community is a beautiful area to live. Looking forward to meeting new neighbors.

Victoria N.
My husband and I moved in eight months ago, and it has been absolutely wonderful. His commute is much shorter, and we really love the area of town we are in. The staff are so wonderful and courteous. The apartments themselves are spacious, and are perfect for our needs. We do enjoy the various amenities, especially the gym.

Certified Resident
Its a nice community of residents and very pet friendly. In general a great location with courteous staff.

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