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Barre D.
Living at Walton on the Chattahoochee is comparable to living on a nicer college campus. The landscaping is breathtaking, the amenities are well-kept and there are great family-friendly events regularly. Our kids love it here as do we.

Certified Resident

Emily J.
Of all the complex's and communities in Atlanta - look no further than Walton on the Chattahoochee. Besides being located on the river itself, with an onsite coffee shop, the staff here make you feel welcome and at home. The community itself is not only beautiful but the residents feel like extended family. I will not be moving unless I move outside of Atlanta.

Cameron S.
Walton is an amazing company! After searching and searching for apartments with good reviews from its tenants I stumbled upon The Walton. Excellent service and great prices! The grounds are really what sold me. Huge clean pools, a great gym, plus dog parks but obviously the river front access has to be the most amazing thing! Most importantly it is SO clean here. I never see trash piles up or bugs. Its a very peaceful place to live but it is also extremely close to the city! Almost no traffic either. I love living here & will be sad when its time to move!

Certified Resident
Outstanding apartments on the Chattahoochee River. Excellent management. Great community events.

Deborah T.
An excellent place to call home!

Aaron V.
We've been at the Walton for about 5 months and have only had fantastic experiences with every aspect of the community so far. Highly recommend this community to anyone looking for a place near the battery.

Laura G.
I love the entire community and staff! Thank you for all you do!

Certified Resident
Such a beautiful property. Probably the nicest place in Atlanta.

Maria G.
I love living at Walton on the Chattahoochee, the staff is always respectful and exceptional! Work requests addressed and completed quickly and with great quality. Every member of the Walton team Ive interacted with is professional and kind. My neighbors are respectful and the environment is very much a community! I love being home, I get rest, feel safe, and recharge with all the nature integrated in our community! I love living here, Walton is home!

Certified Resident
All I can say is this place is special. The whole staff has amazed me. They are so welcoming from the office team to the maintenance team. Im proud to call Walton on the hooch home.

Kelita D.
This green oasis by the river is why I live here! The community has been wonderful and the friendly staff is always available to help resolve any issues. I would highly recommend this place.

Maxwell B.
The Walton move-in experience was a breeze and fun!

Sally B.
Rarely does a place live up to its marketing picture on the website. Walton on the Chattahoochee exceeds it. I moved from a house in the suburbs so I was a little apprehensive about what an apartment would feel like. It feels wonderful! Just the coffee shop on the premise is reason enough to live here. The river park is a delight and a constant place to recharge and be outside. The grounds are kept up with beautiful landscaping, with even a community garden to take clips from. The sense of really caring is present. A printer is in the office for use. There are community events every week. Residents seem to be happy and thriving. Dogs seem to be happy. It is as quiet as a pin . The fitness center is clean and not crowded. The location is convenient. I can walk to the Cochran Shoals path in a half a mile. The only negative thing I can think of is the location near 285 has some road noise, but it is not an issue inside my unit or by the river. I feel safe and welcomed.

Gina V.
Walton on the Chattahoochee is a wonderful place to live. Convenient to shopping and walking trails. Lots of friendly people live here walking about and fun making new friends. The on-site coffee shop is a great place to work or sit with a friend. Being on the Chattahoochee is so peaceful. Community activities are great. I love it here!

Charlton B.
Walton on the Chattahoochee is a beautiful place that you would never forget and would always love.

Certified Resident
Walton has done a superb job creating a sanctuary in the middle of a city. Their customer service is efficient and effective, with the added bonus of kind and friendly workers. I have enjoyed being here for the last year and would recommend to anyone needing a beautiful place, within a growing community.

Certified Resident
The Walton is beautiful. I wake up feeling like I am at a resort, but I am home. Surrounded by nature, but close to all the fun things the city has to offer. The neighbors are so friendly and its a great place to meet new people.

Certified Resident
CHRIS is an amazing Maintenance Manager.. there is no one better!!

Certified Resident
A community filled with courage,support and love . Living at the Walton gives me a piece of mind.

Gary F.
I can't imagine any place being better to live at.

Certified Resident
It really does feel like a great place to call home!

Troy J.
The apartments are set right on the banks of a large beautiful flowing river, the view is like something straight from a painting! Its so gorgeous here! The property is a well kept, quiet and relaxing paradise! If you love nature its all around you! It feels like a resort for nature lovers here, and I feel right at home!

Saudnya P.
I wouldnt want to love any place else! We love it here!

Certified Resident
It's a great community and management is very helpful. It's close to the baseball stadium and easy to get an uber almost anytime.

Shawn W.
We recently signed our new lease after completing our first year here. We never hesitated to extend our stay and didn't even discuss other options. We have loved living here from day one and appreciate how we are treated as residents. We enjoy the community atmosphere and living next door to the coffee shop is icing on the cake.

Monique R.
Moving here to Walton on the Chattahoochee was one of the best decisions me and my family has made. I love the warm and friendly environment of the people as well as the staff. This place is amazing!

Certified Resident
Walton on the Chattahoochee is an amazing riverfront property! Well maintained with incredible amenities, it feels more like living at a resort than an apartment complex.

William H.
This is my all time favorite apartment community. I have lived in the ATL for over 30 years and lived in numerous communities. If I hadnt been lucky enough to find a home to buy I would have stayed!

Tanja L.
The activities, reading of books, beauty, and project creation & completion really draw all residents together as family. Thank you.

Andrew B.
Best place to live in ATL!

Kara M.
Living at Walton has been an incredible experience so far! The moving process went so smoothly thanks to the staff helping to keep us in the loop & explaining everything beforehand. The apartment was also so clean when we moved in which was great! I would recommend Walton to anyone looking for an apartment in the Atlanta area.

Elizabeth S.
Best community in ATL! Best staff, amazing beautiful property! I have lived here going into 5th year! I will never leave Neighbors are so friendly! Owner is passionate about this property being perfectly cared for!

Monique R.
The Walton on the Chattahoochee has been nothing but an amazing experience for me and my family! From the leasing office staff to the maintenance staff, they are all amazingly professional and on point. I love my Walton community!

Monique R.
Moving to The Walton community was the best decision we made as a family. The leasing staff genuinely cares and made our moving transition very smooth one. If you are looking for a safe and family friendly community to live in, you will definitely find it here at the Walton on the Chattahoochee! :)

Certified Resident
My unit facing the river started out as a second residence, someplace to come relax and write. I am madly in love with this place. It has become my home.

Laura G.
Love the staff and the quality of work! Thank you!

Robert (.
The property is so quiet and clean,the staff are courteous and responsive and I feel safe once I'm home.

Walton on the Chattahoochee is an awesome apartment community!

Julie K.
You guys are the greatest always take care of things right away and usually here if not the same day the next day to fix something.

Certified Resident
I moved in a few weeks ago and everything about the leasing process has been so quick and easy. I love living here.

Colleen M.
I am so happy. I only move 3 miles down the road but it feels like I moved into another world. There is a true sense of community here and it is just what I needed

Madison S.
Walton on the Chattahoochee is a great place to live! The staff is extremely helpful and efficient. The complex is also very dog friendly, which was a must for us. Everyone in the community is nice too! 10/10 recommend Walton on the Chattahoochee for a place to live.

Certified Resident
The best community in ATL.

Certified Resident
I love seeing this place grow and improve. The staff I am pleased with their communication skills are excellent. There are so many reasons why I choose to live here at this Walton community but my most pleasing reason is the staff and access to nature. I love my neighbors and our cafe.

Certified Resident
I love having a home at Walton on the Chattahoochee!

James T.
Chattahoochee Riverside is a top drawer facility with outstanding apartments and professional, responsive management and staff.

Certified Resident
I like this community.

Shawn W.
Living in a Walton Community significantly decreases the desire for home-ownership! Too many people focus on the price/cost of something without considering the value of what they receive in exchange. The 'value' of living at Walton on the Chattahoochee far outweighs the 'cost'.

Benjamin C.
Walton on the Chattahoochee is an oasis filled with natural beauty in the middle of Atlanta. One visit to the coffee shop and you will be amazed that this place exists so close to downtown. I'm very fortunate to be living here through thr pandemic. I've never felt really isolated due to the lockdowns like may of my friends and family have because of the river and walking trails here.

Certified Resident
Good and beautiful community.

Antoinette W.
Walton is an absolutely wonderful place to live. Not only is the Chattahoochee river accessible/part of the property, the view is gorgeous. The property is quiet and peaceful and offers many things other apartments don't like a professionally maintained vegetable garden, walking trails (some near the river), a fishing pond, and an on-site coffee shop. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. The location is great; it not far from shops, stores, and event venues.

Jennifer K.
Walton is SUCH a community oriented place! Its so full of joy, adventure, laughter and overall love of people! This has truly been the BEST and most abundant place I have ever lived! People are so caring and always willing to help if you need anything. Highly recommend!!

Matt D.
Best move-in experience ever!

Nevada M.
The Walton on the Chattahoochee provides a welcoming community experience that includes an exceptional landscape, diverse community, and established property all combined to give a tenant the best of nature and the city.

Certified Resident
Only been here a week - but the place is wonderful. First maintenance request was promptly solved, we love the community atmosphere, the beautiful landscaping/ surrounding area, and how pet-friendly it is. The dog park is huge, we love that it is within walking distance as we come from KY where we used to have to pay for a park like that and always needed to drive.

Maria M.
I have been here for a long time. I love the quiet and clean condominium. I really recommend.

Maria G.
I have lived at Walton on the Chattahoochee for 5 years. I love that this is my home. Every member of the staff is kind and professional. I feel safe living here and any maintenance issues are always resolved quickly. I am thankful to get to call this special place home. It provides beautiful grounds to relax and recharge. The peace this place brings is one of a kind!

Certified Resident
The grounds are beautiful and immaculately maintained, and our apartment has a fantastic layout for both working and living in!

Certified Resident
Many people consider apartments to be transition homes. While I do not disagree, Walton on the Chattahoochee consistently exceeds those expectations. I am entering my third year after spending more than a decade moving annually. Not only does my apartment feel like a home but this community feels like a home. Sure, you can stick to yourself and have an enjoyable living experience but those who choose to engage and interact will simply thrive.

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