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Marsha S.
I I love the legacy of Walton Oaks. It's a beautiful place to live. The staff is like family here. The place is always clean. And they have a lot of amenities. They're always having cake and ice cream for the tenants birthdays. It's just thoughtful that they would remember that. I'll never leave.

Lynda D.
Well, when I came to Walton Oaks I was freshly divorced. I thought that I would have relocated by now. But, it's been seven years this year and, I'm still here. I made Walton Oaks my home because, I like it here. Should you give Walton Oaks a chance, you too could make a new home for yourself as well. After all it's a nice place to live.

Certified Resident
This is most likely the very best and most affordable place for people of Moderate Income to live! There is a diverse mixture of people from other states and cities that bring more interest to the community!

Karen H.
I truly enjoy living here and encourage more seniors to come to the community. I use my apartment to show my friends and family how beautiful it is at The Legacy of Walton Oaks, everyone I bring here fall in love with the property. Keep up the good work ??

Mary D.
Grounds are beautiful and well kept. People are friendly. Noise levels are low. Rental rates are good. All in all I like living here

Certified Resident
I enjoy my stay here at Walton Oaks. It's convenient to downtown area and North Augusta Shopping area. That's Nice !

Deena Y.
I'm very satisfied with my Walton Oaks apartment. Their rent is fair in a time of inflation and the apartment is spacious and and I feel safe and secure here. I love my apartment and it truly does feel like a home.

Bernard L.
This has been a great place to live well maintained and the apartment is always taken care promptly

Certified Resident
Nice and clean environment! All of the statistics very knowledgeable and kind. The maintenance crew is the greatest. This place is well kept. I have no complaints

Certified Resident
It a nice place to live

Certified Resident
I have been a resident a little more than 4 years and am enjoying the experience. There’s a lot going on here and you can participate as much or as less as you want. I only hav one complaint- there is only one cable service. We should have a choice.

Jovone N.
I’ve only been here less than six months but so far my stay here at Legacy at Walton Oaks Community has been very pleasant. I also love the spaciousness of each room I have a one bedroom and it is just enough for me the balcony life is everything lol but so far I am enjoying the experience here.

Felicia O.
Legacy at Walton Oaks is a Awesome place to live. The office staff and Maintenance staff are Great People! I would Recommend live here to any that's looking for a Very nice place to live.

Marsha S.
This is a great place to live. The place is very quiet I feel safe. I recommend anyone to move in here it's a lovely place. Are you here how do you doing

Certified Resident
It was a God- Send moving to Walton Oaks Legacy. I have. enjoyed the peace and privacy in this community. I enjoy living here. A true blessing.

Lois W.
Here at The Legacy of Walton Oaks the staff in the office is caring about what what they are doing this is what makes them a good TEAM.

Jovone N.
I love the sense of security and the friendliness of the neighbors. The atmosphere here is like home with old friends and family.

Certified Resident
Its a very good experiences

Mia H.
I love peace. I mind my business and nobody bothers me. However I've noticed that it's more family oriented over here. We had the fire alarm go off and everyone came to check on others and make sure we all were safe. This is what you call a community. I feel safe.

Michael M.
Overall, Walton Oakes is a wonderful place to live and it offers many wonderful amenities.

Certified Resident
I really appreciate the opportunity to be a resident of the LEGACY AT WALTON OAK COMMUNITY

Karen H.
I love the peace and friendly community feeling. My next experience is going to the workout center which is very clean. I would recommend to my family and friends.

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