Ashley M.
I moved from Philly a month ago and over the past year I had visited the Radius 3 times. Out of all the places I saw each time, it was consistently my favorite. Chris showed us around a few times and kept in contact! He worked with me to make sure my application was filled out right. It was at the top of the budget, but I loved the renovations and the pool is #1! That was a big one for me and no other pool measures up. There's no parking issues, like my last place. Neighbors are mostly friendly. 20s-30s crowd, some small children, melting pot. The grounds look nice, the lobby is always clean. Package concierge is cool! I live on the terrace level which is ideal for me with the creek and trees in the back; I love the nature in the middle of the city. I can hear music from the clubs on the weekends but it doesn't bother me inside the apartment. I like that there is a strip of bars and restaurants right near us, and a Publix right in the other direction. Moving in was great.. I got my Uboxes delivered and was able to get them parked pretty close and I had them picked up the next day. Setting up the cable was a nightmare but that's on At&t. I had maintenance out for the washer and dryer and to spray for the spiders and centipedes we were seeing. Bugs are gone and laundry is done and they were quick about it. I scoured the internet before I moved to Atlanta and I will say that any bad review you see, is repeated 10 times on the next 10 places you will check out. The problems here are the same problems you'll see anywhere. It's a great place and I really like it here!

Alexandra G.
I love the location and the community. My apartment is beautiful and the complex is close to places that I frequently visit a couple times a week. Awesome community.

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