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Certified Resident
Great place to live both location wise and management

Dianna B.
The location, the beautiful up keep of the grounds, the extra outdoor amenities. The office staff. Just so much to be happy about living here.

Bonnie S.
Woodstock West is a community that anyone would love to live in

David W.
Outstanding place to live. 1-2 block walk from downtown Woodstock's Main Street (depending on where your unit is), very close to the 'Main street scene'. Superb staff, very attentive to needs. Farmer's market on Sat am, many planned activities monthly. The setting of the complex does not have an "apartment complex" feel, but is like living on a side street in a DC or NYC area. There are no car entrance gates like in most apartment complexes, just open streets. (You are secure because each building has its own secure coded gated entrance that only lets residents and hosted guests enter). The rental rate is within 10% of all the older, refurbed gated apartment complexes, and the feel and quality here are far superb. Spouse says that it feels like living on a college campus, as to atmosphere. We are very happy.

Certified Resident
I feel at home.

Joan P.
I enjoy the no smoking environment, excellent management, excellent maintenance, beautifully maintained grounds with luxury amenities. I’ve lived here for 3 yrs & love it.

Christine C.
The full quality of life we have at Woodstock West is what motivates us to stay. it is a combo of the quality of the facilities and service that Walton provides along with the Live Work Eat Play Pray access we have with the Downtown Woodstock location.

Sheri D.
Stay and enjoy everything about Woodstock West Live. Work , Play .. life is good here !

Audath D.
Great friendly staff. Very nice facilities. Love the community activities. Walking distance to downtown. Feel safe!

Joan P.
Woodstock West by Walton is a beautiful friendly community. The NO SMOKING ban, the cleanliness, the landscaping, gorgeous resort-like pool, BBQ areas, and concierge garbage collection is great. They have a machine in the Community Rm that has free Cappuccino, Latte, Choc Milk, etc. also a free Brunch every month with activities planned once a week. I've been here almost 3 yrs. & love it.

Victor D.
A great place to live!

Theodore D.
Great staff and attentive to detail! As a resident you are always treated with respect and Grace.

Certified Resident
I enjoy Woodstock West. The community is well maintained. Office staff and maintenance staff are friendly and helpful.

Karen A.
We have been here for 5 years and just renewed our lease for another year. This is our home!

Stephen A.
great response to all needs and a great clean community.

Certified Resident
Great value for your rent dollar, superb location walkable to lively downtown Woodstock. The staff is top notch.

Victor D.
Beautiful space, great location, extremely professional staff.

Teri H.
Super friendly staff and super prompt with any issues that arise!

Certified Resident
Woodstock West is a very safe community within walking proximity of a small but very active town. Apartments are spacious, maintenance is done timely and the amenities are stellar. There is mature greenery which makes it a nice place to be.

Sarah K.
Beautiful community with evert possible amenity!!! The location is hard to beat! Apartment is very clean and modern. Maintenance very responsive to get any malfunction addressed ASAP. Truly an amazing community

Trudy F.
We've loved living in Woodstock West for the past 5 years. This community is well taken care of and is shows. The amenities and location are fantastic.

Certified Resident
This is a quiet, clean and safe community. All of the office staff are very helpful and professional

Karen A.
We’ve lived here 5 years and just renewed our lease for a sixth. In this area, there isn’t a better place.

Kemberley B.
A very safe and convenient location, just fits in my lifestyle.

Troy P.
Woodstock West has been an awesome experience. I love living downtown and being able to walk to all of the restaurants and entertainment.

Certified Resident
Rodman always does excellent work. He follows up with my maintenance request within a day, is very knowledgable about the work to be done, and has the correct tools. He has a positive attitude, is friendly, and always professional.

Certified Resident
Woodstock West by Walton is a great place to live! Walk to stores and restaurants. Beautiful pool and gym, outside pavilions with grills and TV. Dog park and activities for all and so many new friends to meet!

Matthew E.
We enjoy the neighbors, community, staff, amazing upkeep, amenities, awesome maintenance staff, location, services, Atlanta event offers by Walton and many other aspects of being a Walton resident.

Certified Resident
Best apartment I have ever lived in the best location with the best management

Dianna B.
Absolutely love everything about living here at Woodstock West at Walton. So happy to be living here.

Michael W.
There is always something going on around Woodstock West by Walton. When you see kids playing on the sidewalk, or pets playing in the dog park it feels more like a neighborhood than an apartment. Music playing at the different venues on weekends make it exciting at night. Everyone you meet is friendly.

Christopher S.
Communication was easy, staff was professional and very courteous, and facilities are well-maintained. We are excited about all the extras such as community events, game nights, breakfast, book club, coffee bar, etc etc. We are very pleased with our decision to live in this community.

Certified Resident
Incredible staff, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and professional

Certified Resident
Great place to live! Community is warm and friendly, and conveniently located.

Victor D.
Beautiful apartments and common spaces, beautiful walkable neighborhood, great restaurants, shops, and music to be had close at hand. This is a perfect location and a lovely community to be joining.

Certified Resident
Excellent location Many excellent services, features, and guest accommodations Apartment homes are spacious, well-appointed, and clean Staff is available, friendly & welcoming

Certified Resident
Woodstock west by Walton is a great and safe community.

Gary N.
It’s a great place to live and I’m excited to be here!

Michelle E.
I'll just paste what I said above. :) Quality facilities. Excellent Staff. Well maintained and extremely responsive. I love living in this community! We enjoy the grills and outdoor areas. The dog park is much better hope it is maintained. We always have great interactions with the staff and feel valued as residents. Which we appreciate as well. :) Our neighbors are wonderful too! Thanks, for creating the best apartment living experience we've ever had. :)

Kimberly B.
Beautiful property, friendly neighbors, and a safe community feel are my favorite things about WW! It’s a quiet community with tons of things to do nearby!

Certified Resident
I have lived at. Walton West for almost 6 years. It has been a great experience. The staff is always ready to assist with any needs.

Jeanne C.
A lovely community in the heart of Woodstock. I love the friendliness of this small community with plenty of activities year round for people of all ages. The complex offers many amenities and numerous monthly activities for everyone to find something that will interest them. I have made many friends here and feel safe walking around the area by myself. I came here planning to stay for 6 months, but enjoyed it so much, I am now entering my 7th year.

Kevin M.
It would appear that the management has put a lot of effort to make living here a top priority.

Certified Resident
Woodstock West by Walton has been an absolutely amazing place to call home the past two years. The community is extremely safe and welcoming. Many neighbors are often seen comfortably walking their dogs after dark. The community is perfectly located near every amenity you could imagine from grocery stores to bars. They also host plenty of on-site events monthly.

Theodore D.
We moved in and find it very hard to leave .. you spoiled use!

Layne L.
I've been living at Woodstock West by Walton for over three years. I've had zero complaints! The teams in the office and in maintenance really care for their property and for the residents. So much attention goes into every detail. The property is in the middle of a Downtown area, so I know the grounds team works twice as hard because not only do they clean up after residents, but the public as well trying to use Downtown Woodstock amenities. Yet somehow, they manage to keep the property looking clean and beautiful every day.

Josephine C.
The residents are very friendly and helpful. The proximity to the walking trail and downtown Woodstock is amazing! The space is designed and laid out very well.

Jacob I.
A fantastic neighborhood with a sense of community nestled within the heart of downtown Woodstock.

Candace J.
A great since of community, lovely landscaping and access to trails. Walking distance to Downtown Woodstock. A safe enviornment. Dog park and other exclusive ammenities.

John R.
As lolng-term home-owners, we were apprehensive in choosing apt-living. But, thanks to long-term friends (and pioneer member sof Woodstock West), we moved in 2+ years ago. Regrets, no. Wish only that we had sold up and moved in sooner.

Certified Resident
Amazing apartment complex with a focus on developing with the community around it!

Valda B.
The best community to live in. Great apts.

Mildred M.
The complex is well maintained including the landscaping. Office staff is willing to assist when needed, always friendly and professional. I would highly recommend Woodstock West by Walton to friends and family

MaryKate V.
Terrific experience from the initial inquiry through the move in. The staff follows your plan well making this as easy as possible as moving can be! The staff exhibits that they like working here and this sets up for we tenants to be pleased overall!

Certified Resident
It is a pleasure living at Walton West. Management is always friendly and responsive.

Kevin M.
I am a senior and I love seeing folks of all ages enjoying the community.

Dianna B.
Love the location and staff at West by Walton.

Caroline L.
Joe is the most wonderful guy - he always completes maintenance issues in a timely manner and always waves to me when I see him around. Hes just a lovely person.

Marilyn R.
Overall an awesome place to live and enjoy life!

Certified Resident
Happy to call home

Audath D.
Maintenance response within 24 hours work completed within 25 minutes. Excellent job.

Candace J.
Woodstock West has the feeling of a safe community /neighborhood. Great location to Downtown Woodstock. Excellent amenities! I can walk outside my door and walk a trail.

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