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Certified Resident
Walton Riverwood is consistent in excellence from first impressions, to providing a superior living experience. We are so thankful to call Walton Riverwood home!

Certified Resident
Have only lived here a couple weeks so far, but have basically no complaints about the place! Love this community and my apartment, and the leasing staff has all been fantastic!

Certified Resident
If youre looking for comfort and convenience, look no further. Walton Riverwood not only provides an excellent place to live, you have all the amenities that you can think of!! A beautiful apartment, great landscaping, an amazing fitness center, an awesome rooftop patio and an array of places to dine!! Oh! Location Location Location.

Anthony L.
This is a great place to live. I especially love the common areas and the apartment is top notch. The maintenance and security staff are respectful and responsive to requests.

Nicholas I.
I truly wish to express my gratitude to the Walton Riverwood staff for their professionalism and friendliness. It is apparent (and consistent!) In every interaction I've had across each member of the team. Thank you! -Nick

Ida V.
I have lived in Walton Riverwood since 2015. Its a wonderful place to live and I would recommend Walton Riverwood to anyone who wants a nice place to stay.

Kathia N.
Living at Walton Riverwood has been a dream. From the staff to the amenities, you are made to feel right at home. It is a stunning community that is beautifully maintained. The bar is set very high.

Gino V.
very nice community really like it here.

Certified Resident
Of all the apartments I've lived in in Atlanta over the past few years, Walton Riverwood is by far the best and a great decision. I am looking to buy a condo or townhouse when my lease is up and I am genuinely sad because I will miss living here. The grounds are beautiful, the apartments are well made and the noise is minimal. Walton Riverwood is a peaceful place and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new home.

Marisa T.
Usually I reserve quite a bit of time before I decide to review a place as things are always good in the beginning until you start to see the kinks. Walton Riverwood has exceeded my expection. From the first look, I fell in love with the wide and brightly lit corridors and they have remained lit and bright since then to now. I have found not a single bug (don't even know how this is possible, considering even the more expensive apartment I've been to had at least one or two visits) and I've been here for 7 months. Because I work from home some days of the week, I can regularly see there is constant maintenance and clean up in the hallways, elevator, and general upkeep around the apartment. The grab n go has been a motivational part of getting me to get up early to go to work and helps me to look forward to my mornings. Tina has been awesome and friendly. I love that I don't have to feel worried about losing packages in the leasing office as they are signed and accounted for with a msg notification. All in all, I see Walton Riverwood as a place I would like to stay at for a long time :D

Margaret K.
I absolutely love living at the Walton Riverwood. I felt welcomed with open arms from the day I stepped foot inside. The amenities are flawless from the safari themed community room to the gym full of incredible equipment! I absolutely love waking up everyday to smiling faces greeting me in the halls as I walk towards the gym doors.I love the apartment features from the granite counter tops to the walk-in closets! And let's not forget the location...a short walk from Cumberland Mall, The Chattahoochee River, and tons of restaurants.I hope that my job allows me to stay in Atlanta just so I can live here again!

Veronica A.
Walton Riverwood is a great property to live in. They provide an extra level of care and detail here making you feel like home.

Getina R.
Natalie and her team are pleasure to deal with. The customer service has been more than incredible. Im happy with my decision to move here.

Emmie C.
Truly a wonderful place to live. Phenomenal staff, amenities, and community. I could not recommend Walton Riverwood more highly!

Rachel M.
If you're looking for an apartment complex that CARES about its residents and is not just collecting a check - it's Walton all the way. I've never lived somewhere that had such a fun sense of community, friendly & kind staff, and pride in their facilities and services. Your concerns matter and are always addressed promptly. It's more than just an apartment, it's a community and a beautiful place to call home.

Marisa T.
From move in till now (been a month or so) everything has been excellent. We get our rent payment invoice early so we have the numbers before rent due, great staff, great package receving system that takes images of the delivery for you, mini trolleys near the elevators, and grab and go breakfast in the morning. Really no bad comments so far at all! First apartment I feel I love so much!

Certified Resident
My wife, son, and I have enjoyed our two years at our Walton Riverwood Apartment Home. If you wanted to lease an apartment home at Walton Riverwood, I believe that you and/or your family would enjoy community life, the security of our facility, and all of the amenities. Be courageous!

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