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Certified Resident
I've lived in a dozen apartment complexes throughout Atlanta and Walton Riverwood is easily the best. The office and maintenance staff are wonderful and caring. The building is well maintained, neighbors are great, and any issues are taken care of quickly.

Cassidy C.
Walton Riverwood is the most unique community I have ever lived at. The entire staff, from the front office to the courtesy officer, is unbelievably wonderful. I am so grateful for my community!

Rob P.
Walton Riverwood is a great spot. It’s central location makes getting around metro-Atlanta easy as it sits right next to 75/285/express lanes. It’s close to Buckhead, the Battery & Midtown. On top of this it is near the river which offers trails for running, and hiking (Cochran Shoals). The amenities are nice, the staff is professional, the building is maintained as well as the community, and it feels safe & secure. Of the places to live in Cumberland it is certainly one of the best apartment wise.

Michael W.
An excellent place to live!

Kathleen B.
I am enjoying living at Walton! There is a warm, welcoming community, clean spaces, and nice amenities.

Certified Resident
Walton Riverwood is a fine apartment community, with staff that is always asking how we are doing when they see us.

William G.
Walton Riverwood is an amazing community and place to live. I have been here for five years now, and have loved being a resident. We have good people with great amenities, but the best part of all is the staff. It is rare to find such a great combination of all the above. I guess that’s why I consider Walton Riverwood home.

Anna M.
Our move-in experience was wonderful. Everyone is so friendly at Walton Riverwood and truly cares about their residents. Easy process and the apartment and community stays well kept! We have lived here for a month so far and have no complaints; definitely the best community in the area!

Certified Resident
Walton Riverwood is a great place to live! Everyone (management and the residents) are very welcoming and family oriented! I would recommend them to everyone!

Certified Resident
Walton Riverwood has been by far my most favorable apartment living. I am sad that I can't stay longer but the community events, the staff and the residents make living here so comfortable. It is an exceptional community on top of the most convenient location. Highly recommend.

Secret H.
Living in Walton Riverwood makes my life complete. I look forward to coming home every day!

Certified Resident
This complex really makes it feel like a “community.” From events, to holiday giveaways, to “pets of the month,” to instructor-led workout classes….it really feels like more than an apartment complex!

Tanya B.
I lived here from 2013-2016. I transferred to another Walton property closer to work and just moved back Dec 2022 to Riverwood. I checked other properties but honestly, there’s something special about Riverwood.

Traonah P.
Once we arrived to tour Walton Riverwood, we immediately felt this apartment complex was different from the rest. The leasing office had a brightness to it -- the people, the energy-- was lively and personable. The staff that assisted us, Kathy and Brooke, were friendly and helpful from beginning to end. It was a no-brainer to put an application in. The genuine experience we initially felt permeates throughout the apartment complex. We've been here for about a month and couldn't be happier with our decision. It's what a home should feel like.

Constance B.
The best place to live if you choose to live in an apartment. I do not feel compelled to move for any reason. I have been a happy camper for 4 years.

Certified Resident
Clean and quiet community with friendly staff

Anthony L.
Walton Riverwood is a wonderful apartment complex that offers community events and a host of other amenities. The staff are great and responsive, and are quick to resolve issues. Plenty of pet owners here, they love their dogs!

Alexandria M.
I moved here a year and a half ago and have had nothing but great experiences at Walton Riverwood. The staff and other residents really make this place feel like home. Monthly community events are a great way to get to know everyone who lives here. I also love grab and go breakfast that happens every weekday morning.

Certified Resident
Great place to live for all ages. Diverse community of friendly residents. Responsive employees. Well maintained.

Theresa M.
Walton Riverwood is a winning combination of all the best that is provided. All the staff has been professional in all ways. After looking at the other places to rent, this is by far the best experience.

Secret H.
Walton Riverwood has been my home for 5+ years I love the property because of its beauty, it’s amenities and cleanliness, and my apartment - it’s location and floor plan. I love the staff who are available, responsive, helpful and friendly. I love the way that tenured residents are treated special. I can’t imagine ever moving away from Walton Riverwood.

Certified Resident
I love everything about this community. The staff is AMAZING! Everyone is always kind and very helpful. Each and every one of them go out there way to make sure residents are happy. The office staff couldn’t be better! Natilie, Kathy, Dylan, and Brooke are amazing. They really care about our needs! The maintenance team is AMAZING! I thought about moving last year but I renewed my lease when I thought about the staff. They have really exceeded my expectations! Then you have Ms Tina every Friday with the breakfast and she’s soooooooo sweet! I don’t know if I would have it this good at another property. The maintenance team is on top of everything. I barely have a problem in my apartment but if I do they come fast and are very efficient. They actually really care. Most apartment communities in this area have the same amenities so I could move anywhere but the staff is why I stay! Move to Walton Riverwood

April B.
Walton Riverwood has been my home for over 8 years. The community is amazing and the residents are very nice and sociable. We have a diverse community of people and animals. We have a great team that plans many social events to bring the community together. I have felt like at home since the first time I walked into the building. And I am still here.

Kamal A.
Love this place. It’s more like a hotel than an apartment complex. Excellent space with the most amazing team and residents

Elizabeth S.
I have relocated after along time and at a older age was nervous about a new start! I have had nothing but a great experience and the entire community is super nice and friendly!!

Allyson S.
I love living here. The staff is efficient, friendly and very professional. They know you by name. They have great events and extremely dog friendly. I highly recommend living here

Certified Resident
Great place to live! A very engaging community that cares about the needs of their residents. As a child we lived in a Walton community and that experience heavily impacted my decision to live in a Walton community! I must say, this was a great decision and there is no better community than a Walton community!

Victoria F.
Walton Riverwood is a great place to live. The management/staff/maintinence are excellent and they create a beautiful environment both aesthetically and in community. That spreads to those who live here. Everyone is so friendly. We have lived here for 4 yrs and are very happy.

Shayne P.
Very friendly service! They are very attentive and willing to help when you have a problem.

Robert H.
This is absolutely the best apartment complex I’ve ever lived in. The amenities are beautiful and I always see maintenance cleaning. The staff is friendly, professional and know you by name. They are very pet friendly! I can’t think of anything negative about living here! Ally S

Certified Resident
Walton Riverwood is a really nice place to live. There are a ton of opportunities to meet other residents, staff, and management. The complimentary breakfast is really convenient when it is stocked past 8:30. This apartment complex provides the best value for the amount you pay rent compared to other apartments at the same price range.

Certified Resident
Walton Riverwood is home.

Certified Resident
If you're looking for a place to thrive, and be part of a community, Walton Riverwood is what you're looking for. Beautiful apartment homes, great amenities, and awesome location. We also have the BEST!!! Resident Events Ever!!!!

Michelle C.
Exceptional surroundings and very pet friendly community!

Jason B.
Walton is a great place to live, especially if you're a dog owner. Staff is the best I've encountered. Great people with great service.

Nell R.
Walton Riverwood is a great place to live. The staff takes pride in their work and keeps the premises clean and organized. Very responsive to requests. Great activities for residents including things like movie night, salsa dance lessons with refreshments.

Trevor W.
We have lived at Walton Riverwood 2 years now, and it’s been the most well run and organized complex we’ve ever lived at or known about. They care about the residents, they care about keeping everything clean and working, lots of community enrichment, and are nice and courteous. No place is perfect, but Walton Riverwood is pretty darn good.

Certified Resident
This building is immaculately kept and remarkably well managed. I value having a clean and safe place to live and the staff here exceed expectations on both fronts. Beyond that, they create a sense of community that is lacking in many apartment buildings with events and classes. I know the staff and genuinely enjoy them as people, and I know my neighbors!

Tammie G.
Walton Riverwood is an amazing community that is safe, clean and inviting. The staff here is awesome and helpful in every way. The complex itself is incredible and the residents are all very nice and take care of the community. I give Walton Riverwood an A+

Anthony L.
The staff are very prompt with answering any questions, and they are all friendly and greet us when we see them. The community events have been a great way to meet some of our neighbors, and the grab-n-go breakfast is a nice amenity, especially with the coffee machine!

Shawnesa W.
Everything! The staff is AMAZING! Everyone is always kind and very helpful. Each and every one of them go out there way to make sure residents are happy. The leasing office staff couldn’t be better! Natilie, Kathy, Dylan, and Brooke are amazing. They really care about our needs! I thought about moving earlier this year before renewing my lease but I though about the staff. They have really exceeded my expectations! Then you have Ms Tina every Friday with the breakfast on the go and she’s soooooooo sweet! I don’t know if I would have it this good at another property. The maintenance's team is also amazing! They are on top of it!! I barely have a problem in my apartment but if I do they come fast and are very efficient. They actually really care. Most apartment communities in this area have the same amenities so I could move anywhere but the staff is why I stay! They are like extended family lol.

Dany G.
This community goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is respected and safe. The events are always fun, and the grab and go breakfast is always a great way to start my morning. I have never experienced an apartment community that made sure everyone is taken care of no matter what the situation may be. We love this team!

Certified Resident
The staff are all professional and friendly, asking us how we're getting settled in, and if there's anything else we need.

Amy F.
I’ve lived at Walton Riverwood for four years - and I feel so lucky that I chose this apartment complex for my first apartment after college graduation. The staff, including leasing and maintenance, all work so hard to keep the community clean, safe, and inclusive. I would highly recommend living at Walton Riverwood. The location is also great in walking distance from the battery, and lots of great restaurants nearby. It’s quick to get onto the highway and the dog park is a huge plus for residents.

Aliyah W.
I chose Riverwood because even though it is an apartment, I didn't get the apartment feel! I felt like I was at home. I toured several apartments starting in February and finally found one in May. This was the one that I knew I had to have!

Certified Resident
It’s a wonderful place .

Certified Resident
Well-maintained apartment and beautiful grounds. Knowledgeable, professional staff.

Tramelle D.
Walton is a great company to lease from!

Whitney C.
Walton Riverwood is a great community with a great staff. The community is very clean and well kept. The staff seem to really care about the residents having a positive living experience. There's an overall great vibe here. I'm happy we moved here!

Patricia D.
If you're looking for a home and not just a place to live.....and a great location, then Walton Riverwood is your answer. Our community sits in the heart of everything you're looking for. The property amenities are the best!! You will not have to leave home to get that workout or go for a nice relaxing swim. Oh! in a rush to work with no Breakfast.....Just stop by our Community Room for your grab & go breakfast. Now how convenient is that?? Hope to see you soon at Walton Riverwood!!!!

Jorge D.
We've lived in Walton Riverwood for over 5 years and throughout all that time, we've been extremely comfortable and satisfied with everything from amenities, to location, and the staff. Every time we've needed help with something, they've been extremely diligent and that goes a long way in regards to peace of mind and satisfaction.

Felipe O.
Living at Walton Riverwood, great experience!!

Marisa T.
Walton Riverwood is hands down the best apartment I've stayed in. (Previously I've rented 3 different locations in Atlanta) The team is focused on community building and is top-notched when it comes to response time on maintenance requests. The staff is very friendly and professional. The facilities are always clean and the hallways are brightly lit and well maintained. The room temperature is well maintained and the air always feels free and circulated. The coffee machine is also a great perk along with the complimentary grab-and-go breakfast. I've lived at Walton Riverwood for almost 3 years now and have not had any complaints whatsoever. I honestly believe this is probably the best apartment in this area for the ease of mind I get living here.

Certified Resident
Walton Riverwood is an amazing community. They respond to maintenance request in a timely manner and address the needs of the residents.

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