Certified Resident
We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here at Walton Riverwood. Everyone on the staff and management team have been exceptional and I would highly recommend to anyone in the area.

Theresa M.
Highly recommend Walton Riverwood, so safe, quiet and well run. The apartments offer excellent details that make daily living enjoyable. The amenities are incredible, this complex is comparable to a boutique hotel. Great experience over all. Terry M

Regina T.
Nice place and location

Scottman A.
My wife and I have found a home community here at Walton Riverwood. Great apartment, amenities, staff, and such a friendly and welcoming community. There are many little things that set this apart from the rest, but mostly we like the peacefulness we find when coming back "home", whether at the end of the day or end of a trip.

Wynter B.
As a single woman living alone, I really feel safe and at home living here at Walton Riverwood. This community really works to promote inclusion for our diverse resident population and I really enjoy living here.

Certified Resident
I love Riverwood!

Gregory S.
I’ve been at Walton Riverwood for 1 month, and my experience so far has been excellent. The staff is always helpful and accommodating and you can tell that the staff and residents take pride in the Walton Riverwood community. Almost everyone I’ve met has been very friendly and waking up to the breakfast treats and coffee (and Tina’s greetings!) is a great way to start the day! The amenities are fantastic as well, especially the gym I look forward to participating in some of the Walton Riverwood events.

Certified Resident
Walton Riverwood is a great place to live! The community events are always accessible and something to look forward to. The grab-and-go breakfast makes the start of every morning worthwhile. I also love to take advantage of the large dog park outside as my dog has a ton of energy and can run as much as he desires when we play out there! The leasing office team/staff are also very kind and helpful whenever I have any questions.

Gregory S.
After looking at a number of apartments, I felt that Walton Riverwood stood out among them all. It’s obvious the staff takes pride in the facilities and there seems to be a great sense of community . The amenities are great and I the staff has been very helpful and responsive to my questions. I look forward to being an active member of the community and taking advantage of everything Walton Riverwood has to offer.

Certified Resident
Amazing community! Would not change a thing!

April B.
Best place to live in the area.

Theresa M.
Walton Riverwood has a wonderful combination to making living here extremely enjoyable. Very important is the attention to safety and cleanliness. Friendly and prompt maintenance are quickly and quietly provided. Apartments offer great size floor plan, the closets and bathrooms are luxurious and spacious. The generous amenities make life here comfortable and a wonderful daily buffer to this busy modern world.

Alexander M.
The best apartment I have lived in thus far bar none. Keep up the great work!

Certified Resident
If you're looking for a beautiful place to live and thrive, Walton Riverwood is your answer. We have the most well thought apartment homes and amenities you could ask for. And location, location, location!!

Certified Resident
Walton Riverwood has been our home for 7 years. We love being here and have always felt at home. The team is responsive, professional and friendly. Great place to live.

Mandy G.
Walton Riverwood exudes quality and community. Even with the many quality communities in the area, everyone else lacks that true sense of community. On any given day, you can drive by and see neighbors enjoying their amenities and each other. Everyone is so friendly.

Certified Resident
Walton Riverwood is a great place to live! I’m so grateful we found this apartment community when relocating the area 3 years ago.

Certified Resident
Very clean, welcoming and warm environment. The amenities are maintained in good order and are clean.

It’s been excellent so far

Certified Resident
The entire Riverwood team is phenomenal and have always taken care of everything, making life a lot easier. I decided to move back into Riverwood, having been a former resident, because of the level of 5-star service they provide.

Elizabeth S.
Walton Riverwood is amazing! I have no complaints! Everything well kept amd clean... amazing landscape super friendly staff. Great experience. A year ago in August I moved in and what a blessing and answer to my prayers and my families prayers since I relocated to ATL at 51 from a small town. I feel totally safe and love everything about this community! Above and beyond what I expected! I would recommend anyone to live here. I don't plan on leaving anytime soon!! Just love it!!

Satoshi S.
I love Walton Riverwood community that's why I stay over 10 years.

Regina T.
I love where i live at

Certified Resident
This apartment has been an incredible home for 2+ years. We are so grateful for the community and staff. It will be so bittersweet whenever we buy a home.

Johnetta C.
Walton Riverwood is an excellent community to live in if you’re single or have a family. It is safe, you have friendly neighbors, the property is kept up beautifully, everyone in the office are simply amazing and it’s in a perfect location. I have been here going on 5 years, this has been the best community living experience I’ve had.

Certified Resident
Great for dog owners

Certified Resident
Walton Riverwood has become my home of nearly 7 years. I enjoy the sense of community fostered by the staff through the resident activities. Lots of fun and opportunities to get to know our neighbors. The amenities provided are unique and always enjoyable..

Jodi A.
I am a long term resident of Walton riverwood, I think I am going on my eight year. The management, the maintenance department, the cleaning staff, and the community are the best that I have ever seen. Concerns are heard and you feel valued at this community. The population of residents is a perfect fit for me. The location is convenient to everywhere!

Elizabeth S.
I came to look at these apartments a year ago and immediately fell in love with it! I was able to move in on Aug. 1. The entire experience has been amazing! I look forward to being here for a few years. My neighbors and residents super friendly and good variety of ages. Which makes it nice for all. Just a great location and incredibly maintained and landscaped! Just a great upscale apartment living experience!!

Greta N.
If you are looking for a great community and a place to live that feels like home, Walton Riverwood is the apartment complex for you.

Oliver J.
Walton Riverwood is the best apartment community that we have ever lived in. We consider it to be the best kept secret in Atlanta!

Certified Resident
After living here in 2018 - 2020, I decided to move back in 2023. I loved every aspect of the community in 2018 & was ecstatic to see the 2 managers I had previously started my Riverwood experience with in 2018 (Natalie L. & Kathy P.) were still here! As a bonus, the maintenance team (Cory) instantly remembered me & have all been so great to welcome me back and ensure I have everything I need to ensure Walton Riverwood starts to feel like home again!

Certified Resident
I have enjoyed my time at Walton Riverwood so far, with a warm community and responsive staff.

Certified Resident
excellent staff!

Certified Resident
I've lived in a dozen apartment complexes throughout Atlanta and Walton Riverwood is easily the best. The office and maintenance staff are wonderful and caring. The building is well maintained, neighbors are great, and any issues are taken care of quickly.

Cassidy C.
Walton Riverwood is the most unique community I have ever lived at. The entire staff, from the front office to the courtesy officer, is unbelievably wonderful. I am so grateful for my community!

Rob P.
Walton Riverwood is a great spot. It’s central location makes getting around metro-Atlanta easy as it sits right next to 75/285/express lanes. It’s close to Buckhead, the Battery & Midtown. On top of this it is near the river which offers trails for running, and hiking (Cochran Shoals). The amenities are nice, the staff is professional, the building is maintained as well as the community, and it feels safe & secure. Of the places to live in Cumberland it is certainly one of the best apartment wise.

Michael W.
An excellent place to live!

Kathleen B.
I am enjoying living at Walton! There is a warm, welcoming community, clean spaces, and nice amenities.

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