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Edith R.
Felizmente de vivir en estos Apartamentos.

Marilyn B.
I have lived in this apartment building going on 17 years and love location, accessible and the staff.

Certified Resident
My experience living here have great, I like the people live here, every one seems to get along very well.

Milagros D.
Excelent place to live, friendly staff and great maintenance

Certified Resident

Drudene M.
I've already spreaded the word several times concerning my residency here and given great reviews in the past, so I don't want to be redundant; I just know that this is where I live, and I love living here!!! It is my home!!!?? In the words of Dorothy on the Wizzard of Oz, "There's no place like home!!!"

Vernell M.
I've only had truly positive experiences living here at The Walton Renaissance and Henderson everyone from management to residents have been very helpful this is a secure and peaceful place to live and also beautiful and safe location. The waltons Renaissance on Henderson truly lives up to its name a very clean and well-kept grounds I truly enjoy living here.

Certified Resident
I have lived at two Walton Communities…Walton Centennial for 5 years and I’ve been Retired at Walton Renaissance (Senior Community) for the last 9 years. My experience at both Communities has been Great! See, it’s the peace of mind that “all is well” in a Community that makes it your HOME. Come and join a peaceful and fun place to live! “This is my Home @ Walton Renaissance”, Sandy

Margaret M.
Walton Renaissance on Henderson is a great place to live, it is located right off the downtown Marietta Square, the Silver Comet walking trail, with plenty of shopping and restaurants nearby. The staff members are so helpful, friendly and professional. Maintenance and housekeeping staff are friendly and efficient. This is a wonderful Senior community!

Certified Resident
I'm well satisfied with my apartment and with the management team.

Certified Resident
I’ve lived at Walton Renaissance for nine years and I enjoy everything about these apartments and the location of these apartments. I like living here… No I love living here . “WHAT A TEAM “ Sandy

Betty Z.
Walton Renaissance is a cut above all the other adult facilities that I have lived in (Florida, Montana)

Drudene M.
I am completely and totally satisfied with my living arrangements here! I really do love the atmosphere in the community, the beauty of the facility, the comfort of my apartment here(which is my home)and I can decorate it to my taste! I've made some good friends here and there's a great Management Team here at Walton Renaissance on Henderson!!!

Certified Resident
I've lived here 16 years it's home to me.

Ethel M.
Very professional very welcoming

Certified Resident
Im happy to live here

Certified Resident
If you’re a senior, look no further “Walton Renaissances” is the best! Great Staff, Great Activities, Fun, Great Neighbors around you and I’ve made quite a few Friends. Private and quiet is my home of refuge! When I walk out my door the fun begins, laughing, sitting around talking, walking around that property, the landscaping is breathtaking and I feel so at home. It’s a place to live, rest, laugh, meet people, and be yourself! Come join the BEST! “WHAT A TEAM”, Sandy

Evelyn (.
I love the location. Living in Marietta Square is definitely a plus. Our building is beautiful and well maintained.

Certified Resident
It's a nice place to live, and it's an affordable place to live.

Michael L.
Walton Renaissance is truly about community living. Neighbors getting to know and care for each other in above average ways. All in a well cared for environment. This is Walton Renaissance living.

Certified Resident
The people here are very nice

Shirley J.
All my responses here should show how much I appreciate living here and the experience here has been very good.

Bettye O.
Very peaceful and most of all quiet

Certified Resident
Lovely place with attentive and caring staff !!

Certified Resident
It's certainly a beautiful facility and very well maintained. It's definitely worth any time that you have to spend on a waiting list for an apartment to become available.

Ella M.
Quality safe secure home.

Drudene M.
I've done this before, but Walton Renaissance on Henderson, is the best place I know unless there's one greater that is hiding somewhere else underground! I'm not here because my kids put me here, I'm here by my choice and my own freewill! The skyrocketing prices of renting apartments, no amenities for the seniors, bad maintenance, people coming from the outside destroying properties, amenities not good, and etc.. I'm here because I love it, my kids love it, and it's home to me!!! So, as the little girl in the old renound Wizard of Oz movie(in black & white) says while she's waking up, "There's no place like home, there's no place like home,....!" This is my home, and unless there is another type facility like this better than this, TheWalton Renaissance is my home! Any errors in my typing take it in 'love' because, I have this Autoimmune Disease Rheumatoid Arthritis and can only text with my right Pointer Finger!

Donna P.
Excellent quality apartments, very friendly staff and residents

Johnny H.
It’s a great place to live as far as I’m concerned wouldn’t want to stay anywhere else

Sandra K.
I’ve been here a couple of years . It has been comfortable I sold my home and did not need lots of space but just enough . No bills yo pay but my monthly rent , which is usually reasonable. Also , my pet was happy. I would recommend that one get good tv service because it can be very quiet . Xfinity is great. We have neighbors from here and other countries.. variety . I’m still trying to learn Spanish . The gym is great for workouts .. or not . Smile. A terrace to enjoy the breeze and see the Square . Library and desk top computers or bring your own . A nice walk- around for working out.. or around the block , to the Park .

Bettye O.
Move was excellent I could not have experienced a better Staff from start to finish. Looking forward to a satisfying stay

Certified Resident
This is an outstanding place of residence for the elderly on so many levels. I am speaking from experience!

Patricia P.
I’ve been here 6 years. I’m very grateful to be centrally located to the Marietta Square ( Glover Park)

Johnny H.
I have been here going on 6yrs and the statement I made during my first survey still stands i will leave here kicking and screaming even if I won the lotto

Sandy O.
Love my last three years here.This is my forever home.

Certified Resident
I love living here at Walton Renaissance. The staffs is very professional,all ways there to listen to any issues you have. Most of the time solve the problem to your satisfaction.

Certified Resident
I've commented on several occasions how wonderful it is to live here! To say anything else would be a repeat!

Kathleen T.
Walton Renaissance is centrally located. It is a very attractive building and is always well kept.i enjoy living here. The occupants have their privacy and the office staff is always re t.cady to help in every way.

Sandra A.
Great staff always answers questions and very helpful

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