Certified Resident

Certified Resident
I've lived here for over 18yrs. I've raised my kids here, everyone knows everyone and we all look out for each other. The office staff is always on hand and ready to help with anything that may come up.

Certified Resident
When power went out a couple of weeks ago management did a very good job with keeping tenants informed about what was going on. Also they provided refreshments for the residents ex. pizza and drinks in which I thought was very kind.

Certified Resident
It is a good place to leave in

Certified Resident
Shawnee apartment is located in a great and safe neighborhood, close to the main roads, i-395 highway and a few bus stop, which is really convenient. The rental rate is great comparing to newer buildings in the same area. The apartment building is really clean and staff i friendly,I would defiantly recommend Shawnee apartment for one to consider as future accommodations

Abeba S.
Shawnee is a very good apartment to live. there is very nice schools and community to build your children ;has nice environment surrounding it.

Certified Resident
It is a good place to leave in.

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